Ultimate Dual Battery System Video




There are different types of batteries on the market. Here at Australian Direct and KickAss, we sell AGM Deep Cycle style batteries because they were originally designed for the military and have got excellent anti-vibration stability properties. Many campers these days want to travel, caravan and camp with laptops, portable fridges, LED lights and other mobile devices. Without a dual battery system installed in your vehicle, you would need to run those devices off of your vehicle's start battery, and this runs the risk of flattening that battery, so you wouldn't be able to start your car the next day. If you want to learn about installing a dual battery system into your vehicle, caravan or camper trailer this one hour video will take you from novice to expert. You can skip to specific chapters of the video to find specifically what you need.

Video Chapters
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Dual Battery Fundamentals | 0:01:10
Batteris & Maintenance | 0:04:40
Voltage Sensitive Relays & DC-DC Chargers | 0:10:41
Portable Battery Packs | 0:16:33
Vehicle Wiring Installation | 0:21:40
Caravan/Camper Installation | 0:45:55
Solar Panels & Regulators | 0:57:38
Battery Chargers | 1:01:41
Closing | 1:04:21



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