About Australian Direct

For over a decade Australian Direct 4WD Outdoor has been sourcing, creating and distributing the best 12V Caravan 4WD and camping accessories for its customers. Since the beginning, we have strived to design products that can not only handle the harsh Australian conditions thrown at them but are products we can fully stand behind and are truly KickAss.

We ensure that we can not only be reached easily from any avenue, but have professionals who can create a lasting and beneficial relationship with the customer and are willing to help with any problem thrown at them.

In a world full of people who don’t return phone calls and don’t care about their customers, we stand as a beacon for those who are looking for good products, good advice and good people. Get in contact with our great team on 07 3123 4715 or sales@australiandirect.com.au and become part of the Australian Direct Family.

Our Story

The story of Australian Direct starts with Klaeton Sheehan, an avid traveller and camper with just a guitar and a harmonica, busking in the street to make his way from town to town. After experiencing the beautiful Australian outback, he became a professional musician working in Pubs, Clubs and Casinos. 

Following his career he found himself in Germany playing music professionally. While he enjoyed the spectacular views and great culture he couldn’t help but miss his Australian home. While planning his next trip around Australia he noticed that most websites were hard to get ahold of and good quality information was few and far between. This led to the creation of his first Ebay Store, filled with products he had personally relied upon and taken with him on his journeys such as EvaKool fridges and Thumper Battery Boxes which had pride of his place is his beloved Troopie Charlie  and are still dealing with us today.

From this point on it has been a blur of product sourcing, testing and growth. Australian Direct now hosts over 300 products that have proven themselves in the harsh Australian climate and have aided many thousands of customers in their endeavours ranging from weekend camping trips to full 4WD setups to camping creations that feel just like home.

These days Klaeton still finds time to enjoy the Australian environment in between directing the company and his travels around the world to find the best new products.