About Australian Direct
Australian Direct 4WD Outdoor is owned and operated by myself, Klaeton Sheehan.
What me and this store are all about: Providing quality products and advice in a world full of people who do not return telephone calls and do not understand the effect of building a long term relationship with their customers. 
I take advantage of the fact that a happy customer is a happy camper and happy campers like to share a drink with other happy campers. This is why I make sure go out of my way to give sound advice and only sell products I have tested myself which leads to many a "mate told me to give you a call" moments.
Have a listen to a message left on my answering machine by a happy customer by clicking here!
At twenty one I began traveling Australia with only my guitar and harmonica, busking in the street to fund my way to get from town to town, to eventually becoming a professional musician working in pubs, clubs, and casinos. Click here to download a Christmas Camping Song I wrote and recorded for my customers December 2010.

The first traveling machine - A tricked up Magna.

Live in a mining town we found off some random dirt road near Kalgoorlie. The Magna eventually died so I bought my first 4WD - Charlie.

River crossing on the great Gibb River Road.

Music then led me to Europe, The Middle East, and Asia. I have lived in almost every state in Australia and traveled through all of them, and continue to this day spending more than nine months on the road every year.


The Road Ahead...

While working as a musician in Germany, I spent a lot of my spare time researching and purchasing items that I needed for my next planned trip around Australia via the internet. I realised good information was hard to find. But still, the internet was great because I did not have to drive from store to store to find only what they decided to keep in stock. It was all there! I could also avoid shop assistants and bad or misguided advice.This is when I decided to open my first eBay store.
I found it was so hard to get in touch with people who owned websites when I had a question so I decided for my site that I would take calls 24/7. I put the banner up on my site which is still there today to make sure every customer knows that they can call me at any time. If I could not answer a question I would ask the customer for their number and find the answer. Then I would call them back with it. It amazed me how much people appreciated that and the business grew as their mates started to call me.
I still enjoy chatting with my customers because they, like me, love to get out of the rigmarole of daily life and go camping or hit the road. To this day I have stuck by this policy and it works.
In the mix of it all had a baby boy Charlie - Spain 2007

The Beginning

I began my store with the In Vehicle Shower Kit from Helton Heat Exchanger, which I found when I was fitting out the Troopie and since then the business has just kept on growing.
Since then I bought my first FridgeMate 12V Fridge Freezer from EvaKool on the Sunshine Coast in Caloundra QLD who really make the best damn portable fridges in Australia, and we are now the number one online retailer for their products.
Next was Gary from Blue Apple: the man behind the Thumper Dual Battery System. Eleven years later he still builds the units one by one by hand. The Thumper Battery System is so versatile it almost makes the old under bonnet dual battery systems seem extinct.

See Me Now

Born in 1981, these days I still love my camping, four wheel driving, and everything that goes with it (like fishing). I am an active world traveler, pilot, scuba diver, computer/technology nerd and musician - to name a few of my interests. 
A few pics of me now... I'm always traveling the world to find new products!
I kept the Troopie and spent a year restoring it and here it is now with..
Solar & Battery Setup - Hot Shower - EvaKool Fridge/Freezer - Pop Top Double Bed - Flip Down Table (on the side) - 200 litre tank with built in drinking water filtration system. Inbuilt laptop with internet and moving topographical mapping software. Blah Blah (Yea I got a bit obsessed). You can see the Jayco Flamingo on the back.
Diving in Sardinia with my good friend, Christian, June 2010.
First Solo Flight in Germany 2010.
Me with Slim Dusty.
Me and Charlie Skiing.
Diving in Indonesia.
Fishing in Fraser Island.
Hiking on the Great Wall of China.
Thailand with the Karen Hill Tribe People.
Me and Charlie in Cambodia.
Me and Charlie in Abseil Dalat Vietnam.
Quadbiking in New Zealand.
Quadbiking in Morocco.
Me on the job.
Me and my Dad.

My purpose in all this was for you see that the person who operates this store is real and really does love to be on the road. I give accurate advice from many years of real life experience and I stand by my products and my word.

If you actually made it to the end of this, thanks for reading.

Customer Feedback

"I would like to thank you for the way you expertly assisted me in my decision to purchase the Evakool 47 ltr fridge freezer. Everything happened exactly as you told me it would and I have my new "toy" in excellent working order. Again please accept my thanks for your help. Your advertising bill has just gotten a little cheaper. I will assist my friends in their purchase of one also."
~Don Hatch, Mossman

"Thanks for the great service, We bought an evakool fridge from you and wanted to let you know how happy we are with the product and the service."
~Greg Schurmann

"Wow guys! Ordered my EvaKool fridge Friday afternoon, arrived Wed morning. How happy am I! Great service! Looking forward to further purchases off Australian Direct in the near future. Cheers & Thanks Again."

"Hey guys I purchased a 45L EvaKool Travelmate Fridge-Freezer recently from you guys off eBay, just wanted to let you know that I'm very happy. Fast delivery and I've put the fridge through it's paces on a recent 4x4 trip and it worked prefect. Great product at a great price. I'm very happy and will recomend to every one. Thank you."