Evakool Ice Boxes

EvaKool are famous in Australia for their top of the line IceBoxes.

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Fibreglass Range:
These are EvaKool's Premium Icebox Range, with premium insulation and fibreglass white cabinet these units reflect light to give maximum heat retention, larger models hold ice for up to 15 days. Sizes range from 45 to 185L.

IceKool Range:
Tough polyethylene iceboxes with value for money prices. IceKool models range from your regular icebox to ice boxes with internal dividers or even twin tub ice boxes. Larger models hold ice for up to 10 days. Sizes range from 10 to 200L!

IceMate Range:
Versatile polyethylene iceboxes at reasonable prices. From regular ice boxes to ice boxes with wheels or drink servers. Larger models hold ice for 10 days, sizes range from 26 to 107L.

KoolTropik Range:
This is your budget range of ice boxes, ideal for family picnics, a day at the beach or day trips. Hold ice for 2-3 days with models ranging from 10 to 45L.