Make It Last Longer With A KickAss Food Sealer

Make It Last Longer With A KickAss Food Sealer

How good is arriving at your campsite with a fridge full of beer and food? How annoying is it having your food go off 3 days into you 5 day trip? Here at KickAss, we have created a product to keep your food fresher for longer and also save space in the meantime!  


Vacuum sealers are very versatile, they not only help preserve the food, they can also stop freezer burn and food dehydration. Freezer burn isn't dangerous, but it ruins the taste and texture of foods. The vacuum seal bag keeps the food airtight, ensuring that moisture cannot evaporate. By sealing your food you will eliminate the chances of bacteria, mold and fungus from spoiling your food.


The KickAss Portable 12V Vacuum Sealer will extend the life of your food. Beef and poultry can last up to 2 years when frozen, and around 2 weeks when only refrigerated. And don't be fooled, not only is it great for meat, you can put things like coffee, flour, cereal and they will last for month’s vacuum sealed. To keep track of you foods it’s best to write the date on the bag after you seal it so you know when it was put in there.

Meats are a tricky one to seal as you need to be very careful when storing them. It is advised that you wash and dry meat before putting it in the bag to prevent cross contamination. The fewer contaminates in the food, the longer it will last. If you like to go fishing, the KickAss Portable 12V Food Sealer is the way to go. You can seal your catch and freeze or put it on ice for your trip home and have the peace of mind that it's going to stay fresh and delicious. You can also extend the life of vegetables by blanching them before you seal them - by doing so this, it will kill any bacteria living inside the vegetables.


Another great trick with the KickAss Portable 12V Food Sealer is that you can seal your mobile phone and still have access to your touch screen making it waterproof! So if you are a bit of a clumsy one when it comes to fishing, or you want to keep it safe and dry when you out in the water, just seal your phone up and you are good to go. We had so much faith in this that we sacrificed an iPhone 6S plus (and we all know they are not cheap), sealed it up and put it in under a full stream of running water. And guess what.... it worked perfectly and the iPhone stayed bone dry!   



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