Australian Direct’s Top Tips For Your Christmas Camping Trip

Check out our tips for summer-time camping trips and make sure you're prepared before you hit the tracks.

Australian Direct’s Top Tips For Your Christmas Camping Trip

Christmas has definitely snuck up on us this year and with the holiday season being just around the corner, we’ve got some handy travel, camping and 4WD tips to get you prepared for the hot summer days ahead.


Tip #1

One of the most important things that we can't stress enough, that a lot of us don’t even think about is water!

Water water water.

Be sure to stock up on a good water supply before you head off on your next camping or caravan adventure. For drinking water, you can’t go past a good water jerry can with a spout - makes it very easy for the kids to stay hydrated. And for cooking, cleaning up and camp showers, a water storage solution like the KickAss 200L Collapsible Water Tanks are perfect for storing water for your entire family when you’re out camping over Christmas.

Remember to drink one glass of water between beers because keeping hydrated is key in hot, summery weather conditions. It’s especially important to remain hydrated while out camping where emergency services may be a little further away than normal.

Tip #2


Make sure you have double checked all your gear is in good working order before you hit the road. Test your batteries are holding charge, hook your solar panels up to your battery and ensure they’re charging your system properly and set up your tents, swags or caravans to make sure everything is intact and working well.


Doing this early enough in advance means that if you spot any issues with your system or see any areas for potential upgrades, you’ve got plenty of time to do it before the Christmas shopping rush begins. Keep in mind that any online stores may start to experience extended delivery times due to an overload of online shopping - so ordering early will be your best option!


Tip #3

Stock up and refresh your first aid kit. Be sure to have plenty of hydralytes, bandages, bandaids, aloe vera and sunscreen handy. We all know how Bogan Joe likes a good beer or ten, so be sure to cover yourself for any party incidents that may occur.

Tip #4

Be sure to have an SPF rated sunscreen with some good ol’ zinc when you're out playing the family test match. You can never hear enough of Slip, Slop, Slap - so be sure to cover up where possible. Cancer Council Australia have a fantastic range of SPF rated sunscreens to choose from, but don’t make sunscreen your only sun protection - be sure to invest in a good hat and some sunglasses too!

Tip #5 


“Muuuuuuuuummmm……. Daaaaaaaaaaaddddd……. Are we there yet?”

Is this not the most dreaded saying while driving to your holiday destination? We recommend investing in some in-car games for the little ones. Here is one of our favourites….

Twenty Questions

(ages 4 and up)


One person secretly thinks of either an animal, mineral, or vegetable. The other players then take turns asking yes-or-no questions, such as "can it fly?" or "does it grow in the ground?" After the players have asked 20 questions, each player gets a chance to make a guess.


Tip #6


We all know that with glorious summer weather can come some gnarly summer storms. Whether you're at home or away camping at your favourite destination, be sure to be 100% prepared. Make sure:

  • You’ve got a stash of candles or torches for power outages and blackouts

  • You’ve got board games to keep kids entertained in wet weather

  • You’ve got a fully-charged 12V battery system as a backup so you don’t get caught out like Bogan Joe with warm beers and no power

  • You’ve got extra ropes to secure loose items

  • You’ve got a radio of some sort to keep up to date with the weather warnings

  • You’ve got an emergency plan as backup - check out SES & NRMA’s preparation guide here:

  • REMEMBER: If it’s flooded, forget it.


We’re sure that these simple Christmas camping tips will get you through this crazy season without a hitch. If you’d like to share your Christmas camping tips with our Facebook support group, click here - we’d love to hear your suggestions.


- The Australian Direct Team



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Check out our tips for summer-time camping trips and make sure you're prepared before you hit the tracks.