KICKASS® DC Watt/Amp Meter with Anderson Connectors

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Product Dimensions
Width: 2cm
Length: 8.4cm
Height: 5cm
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Amp meter

1 May 2018
Great product i use it for my batteries on my trolling motor works a treat

Ian M

2 April 2018
DCwatt meter arrived as promised, well packed, and has performed as described.

exceptional service once again

8 March 2018
bought the KickAss DC Watt/Amp Meter with Anderson Connectors from Australian direct, once again no surprise, the thing was here virtually before I paid the bill, I found it well put together, solid and all the detail that is needed to see what my portable panel is putting out or has put out and the charge condition of my batteries, invaluable piece of mobile kit. doesn't replace the onboard battery monitoring system and it is not designed to, but what it is designed for it does very well and that is portability. well done Aussie direct and well done Kickass, a big thumbs up from me.

DC watt amp meter

10 January 2018
I have just purchased this great little Anderson plug DC watt amp meter tester, I recently had problems diagnosing a couple of electrical problems with solar and car charging to my batteries, a friend of mine advised me that these were available, so after purchasing it I have solved a multitude of faults. Thanks Kickass, great product.

Watt meter

20 December 2017
Good piece of equipment

Thank you

1 December 2017
Thank you for your quick response. This item is excellent and will be put to good use

kickass watt meter

29 November 2017
great product at the right price i have already used it and found a problem with one of my solar panels already


28 November 2017
works fine and good value with the anderson plugs fitted.I am pleased with it.Thanks for a great unit.


10 November 2017
Bloody great bit of gear!! I would definitely recommend getting one with your fridge it'll tell you everything you need to know. Great product and service

Watt meter

6 November 2017
Bought the watt meter. I use to check power into battery from solar and power out from battery. Works a treat
Product Description

This simple yet extremely handy device gives a digital display of exactly how much charge your panels are actually producing. It has been difficult to measure this without special equipment or expert knowledge - until now!

The device is easily installed and provides you with all the key ratings of your solar panels in real time.This is a perfect companion to our range of KICKASS® Portable Solar Panels but can be used with any type of solar panel as well.

Installation is easy - the watt meter has two Anderson plugs, and is installed in-line between your solar regulator and batteries/load.

Simply connect the solar panel regulator's output to the "source" side of the watt meter and connect the battery/load cabling to the "load" side. Once there is power flowing through, the device will initialise and show you a full range of ratings including:

  • Current (Amps/A) at the present moment

  • Voltage (Volts/V) at the present moment

  • Power (Watts/W) at the present moment

  • Total Amps (Amp hours/Ah) since device initialised

  • Total Power (Watt hours/Wh) since device initialised

  • Highest Voltage Maximum (Vm) since device initialised

  • Highest Power Peak (Watt Peak/Wp) since device initialised

  • Highest Current Peak (Amp Peak/Ap) since device initialised

The Solar Watt Meter only requires a tiny 7mA draw to operate so there will be no significant reduction in your power production during usage.

Please note this product is not intended to be permanently installed inline.
  • Operating Voltage : 0-60V DC
  • Current : 0-100A Intermittent / 50A Continuous
  • Temperature Range : 0-50°C ambient air temperature.
  • Measurement Update Period : 400mS
  • Data Queue Sequence Time : 400mS
  • In Circuit Resistance : 0.001 Ohms
  • Operation Current : 7mA
  • Auxiliary Power Voltage : 4-60V DC
  • Case Dimensions : 84 x 43 x 25mm (L x W x D)
  • Weight : 140g
  • Display : 16 character x 2 row STN LCD


Measurement Parameters:






0-60V DC



0-100A Peak











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