KICKASS 12V Premium Complete Kit- Battery Box, AGM Battery & Wiring Kit

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When all you want is a battery box that is built to be outback proof, designed for serious 12V power distribution and delivers the ultimate in 4 stage DC DC charging, then look no further than the KickAss Premium DCDC battery box.


The main box is based on our tried, tested and trusted KickAss battery box platform which has been integrated with our all new KickAss 4 Stage DCDC MPPT Solar Charger. This delivers hi-tec charging performance for GEL, AGM, WET, CALCIUM  batteries and also gives the option to use and correctly charge LITHIUM LifePo4 battery types, making this battery box one of the most versatile on the market.


Including the KickAss 120AH 12V AGM Battery this is the perfect start to your complete dual battery system set-up. In the future when you are ready for an upgrade, this battery box system is compatible with LITHIUM ION.


he KickAss Premium DCDC battery box has more great features including:


True 4 Stage DCDC battery charging

The True 4 stage charging features BULK, ABSORPTION, FLOAT and PULSE modes with advanced algorithms enhancing the overall charging performance of auxiliary batteries. This ensures your auxiliary battery within the battery box is charged the correct way enabling it to reach maximum charge capacity while also maintaining the battery to its optimum. When coupled with the powerful 25 Amp maximum output capability, it provides exceptionally fast and effective charging.

The Fourth Stage

Keeping your battery fit is paramount for dual battery systems and that's why we have included the PULSE fourth stage. After a 10 day period providing your battery is charged, the PULSE mode activates and provides a controlled current absorption like charge which conditions the battery and maintains your battery’s health.


Automatic Battery Isolation

Inbuilt isolation prevents your auxiliary battery from draining your start battery when your vehicle is not running or charging. The smart tech of our battery box detects the charging status automatically, so you never need to worry about engaging or isolating batteries manually, it’s all managed for you from the moment you turn the key.


Plug and Play Design for Easy Installation

Easily install using our Plug & Play Anderson style connectors, you will have this battery box installed in mere minutes, especially when combined with our KickAss dual battery wiring kit.


Maximum Solar Gains with Integrated MPPT

Charge your Auxiliary battery from your solar panel, this battery has an anderson style solar input with an integrated maximum power point tracking solar controller (MPPT) perfect for caravan or camper applications when you still want to charge, without your vehicle running. What’s more, the MPPT ensures your getting the most effective charging from your solar panels to give your auxiliary battery as much charge as possible from the power of the sun.


Crisp LED Display and Control

The easy to read and easy to see display gives you the DCDC chargers status in the blink of an eye. The coloured LED indicators show charging mode and charging stage so you know exactly how your batteries are being charged. You can take control with the soft touch mode button allowing you to set the battery type with ease. There is also an easy to see voltage display on the box so you know exactly where you battery is at.


Loads of Power Outlets

The KickAss premium DCDC battery box features Anderson connectors for all higher current accessories such as charging inputs, solar panels, or fridges. You can also charge the latest devices such as phones or tablets using the 2.1A USB charging outlets. The box further includes cigarette and merit style sockets to easily plug and operate standard accessories such as lighting see the full list in our specifications.


Kit Inclusions:

1x KickAss 120AH 12V AGM Battery

1 x KickAss Premium Battery Box with 25A DCDC MPPT

1 x KickAss Plug & Play Dual Battery Wiring Kit


KA DC-DC Charger Specifications

  • 25 Amp, 4 Stage DCDC Charging

  • Intergrated Battery Isolator

  • MPPT Solar Controller Input - 300W Max input



KA Main Box Specifications

  • 2 x Marine Grade Cigarette Type Socket 16 Amp Rated

  • 1 x Merit Type Socket - Rated to 15 Amps

  • 1 x Dual USB Type Outlet - Rated to 2.1 Amps at 5 Volt

  • 2 x 50 Amp Anderson Style Connectors

  • LED Volt Meter with Push Button

  • 1 x 30A Auto Reset Circuit Breaker for Power Ports

  • 1 x 50A Auto Reset Circuit Breaker for High Current Ports

  • Supported Batteries GEL, AGM, WET, CALCIUM


KA Ultimate Battery Box Dimensions (Internal)

  • Length 335mm

  • Width 190mm

  • Height 225m


KA Ultimate Battery Box Dimensions (External)

  • Length 423mm

  • Width 273mm

  • Height 313mm

Product Dimensions
Person Size
Width: 273mm
Length: 423mm
Height: 313mm
Product Warranty
1 Year Warranty, and 30 Days money back guarantee. Click to read more.
Product Reviews


10 April 2019
Very happy! Wiring kit is easy to install, all looks like great quality and it’s running my fridge like a dream as I type! Will be giving the battery a good run on Fraser Island soon!