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The KickAss range of VSR's and LVD's are so well designed, you'll be wondering why you hadn't bought one sooner. Protect your batteries!


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For Dual Battery
Includes NEW KICKASS ® Dual Sensing VSR - Quick Connect
Includes Inline Maxi Fuses and 2.5 Metre Extension Cable
Protect Your Valuable Batteries for over-discharge!
Compact Design Battery Isolator for Smaller Vehicles and Dual Battery Systems
Cut In 13.3v - Cut Out 12.8v Battery Charger / Isolator for Pre 2006 Vehicles
Includes KICKASS ® inline Maxi Fuse and Extension.
Save $21 | Protect your valuable batteries from over-discharge
Quick connect Anderson style plugs allow for easy installation
Advanced Dual Battery Isolation with Override Switch - Allows Reverse Charging