KICKASS® ULTRALIGHT 250W 12V Portable Folding Solar Panel
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STOP: Before you read this product description you must watch the Demonstration Video where we explain everything about these panels.YOU CAN WATCH THE VIDEO HERE.

Two years of extensive research, design and testing by Klaeton & the KICKASS® Team, has resulted in the all new, Ultra­Light Portable Solar Panel Range. Made for those who want the best of the best! And with that in mind, there has been no expense spared in their design or manufacture.

Why should you buy a KICKASS® Ultra­Light Portable Solar Panel?

  • Weight and space is important to you.

  • You want the highest yield from the sun you can get.

  • You want to run your 12V fridge + accessories and free camp.

  • You want a leg/support system that is adjustable and stable on all surfaces.

KA What cells do you use?

As we said there are no expenses spared so KICKASS® Ultralight Panels are built with Sunpower Solar Cells! “SUNPOWER” are world-famous producing extremely high efficiency solar cells with excellent shade tolerance. We will not try to convince you so why not google ‘Sunpower Solar’ and convince yourself.


Here are two links to get you started:

Facts About Solar Technology From Sunpower­-panels-­technology/facts/

Sunpower Cells on Wikipedia

How about the surface of the panels and why are they so dark?

The non-­reflective surface used to cover the ‘Sunpower’ cells is designed to minimize light reflection which allows them to absorb the maximum amount of the sun's light energy.

KA Are the panels weather and water resistant?

The panels are made from UV stabilised materials and are built to withstand rain and the sun's rays but common sense should prevail and one should take into account that these panels are lightweight and made of fabric which means they should not be installed in situations where they will be left outside all year round. If you are looking for panels that can be left in the weather permanently, the standard KICKASS® Aluminium and Glass panels should be used.

KA We have decided to offer the Ultra­Light panels in a variety of configurations:

1. With waterproof PWM solar controller and full cable kit for easy installation.

2. With premium MPPT solar controller and full cable kit for easy installation.

3. Solar panel only for those who already have a regulator or DC­DC Charger with a solar input.


KA Dimensions:

  • Folded: Length: 57cm Width: 3.5cm Height: 56.5cm

  • Unfolded: Length: 284.5cm Width: 3.5cm Height 57cm

KA What is the maximum output of the panels?

Theoretically, it is possible to get close to 8 amps per hour from a 150W and 12 amps from the 250W but to be realistic the maximum output that any solar panel can produce is governed by many factors such as temperature, available light and the state of charge of the batteries connected to it.

KA The KICKASS® ULTRALIGHT 250W solar panel

  • 1 x KICKASS® Ultralight weight 250W folding solar panel

  • 8 x Panel pegs with pouch

  • 1 x KICKASS® carry bag with YKK zips and carry strap

For further options for our 250W ultralight panels, see the links below:

KAUL250WPWMPACK - 250W ultralight Panel with standard 20A PWM solar controller & cable pack
KAUL250WPWMPACK - 250W ultralight Panel with standard 20A MPPT solar controller & cable pack


For our 150W panel options, see the links below:

KAUL150W - Panel only

KAUL150WPWMPACK -  150W Ultralight Panel with standard 10A PWM solar controller & cable pack

KAUL150WMPPTPACK -  150W Ultralight Panel with premium 10A MPPT solar controller & cable pack


Product Dimensions
Person Size
Width: 57cm
Length: 285cm
Height: 2.5cm
Product Warranty
1 Year Warranty, and 30 Days money back guarantee. Click to read more.
Product Reviews

Solar Panel Heaven

17 April 2018
Such a great product. Such good service. Delivery on time to outback Queensland whilst we are travelling, As advertised is simple to assemble and disassemble. In good sunlight charged our 120w gel from 45% to 100% in about 5hrs We have not required 240v hookup for 5 days now with many more to come. Why did I wait so long. Thanks to everyone. Regards Peter and Annette

Extremely well built high efficiency panel

30 November 2017
Very high quality panel. Seems to work very efficiently, even with low light/shadows. Folds nicely into bag. Built in handle makes it easy to carry around. Comes with brackets to help with the angle, but in reality, I never use these and find it works perfectly fine just laid out on the ground or over the car. Definitely a high quality product. Impressed.

250w set up

4 September 2017
Quick postage... very good help with getting what is best for my set up.

Excellent solar panels

2 July 2017
This panel system worked brilliantly even with some shadows getting on the panels & not being at the best angle to the sun.

Works great

11 June 2017
A solid kit that is well put together, it functioned well even in the shade. The carry bag is the perfect size & it's easy to get the folded panels bag in for storage. Putting it together is easy enough & even the little pockets where the steel frame goes in have little tabs to make it easy to put together.

Solar panels

26 April 2017
This light weight solar panel is ideal for me a sole traveller that can't lift anything comparable in output with traditional panels. Is easy to set up and move and best of all fits into a small space as it's so thin.

my best choice

8 February 2017
i bought this solar panel, and i'm very satisfied because it's a high efficiency output, light weight, durable, small size, portable. i recommend this item for all.