KICKASS® 45L 12V/240V Chest-Style Camping Fridge Freezer Wifi
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KICKASS® 45L 12V Uni Zone Portable Camping Fridge & Freezer Wifi

The KICKASS® team at Australian Direct has taken a long and hard look at all of the fridges in the market and designed a range of DC fridges that are packed with features that simply make sense and backed up by a huge 5-year warranty. Make sure you watch the video above or check out the information below.

The Range: The KICKASS® 12V Portable Fridge Freezer range is offered in both uni and dual zone models.

Uni Zone units operate as fridge OR freezer but not both at the same time. The current uni zone models available are: 45L, 61L (low profile) and 80L capacities.

Dual Zone units have two compartments and operate as fridge AND / OR freezer at the same time. Dual zone units can also operate as ALL fridge or ALL freezer.

KICKASS® Features:

Wifi Enabled - Control Your Fridge From Your Iphone or Android Device

  • Download the KICKASS® App - Available from App Store and Google Play.
  • Set your fridge's temperature directly from your smart phone.
  • Monitor fridge temperature and voltage.
  • Detailed graphing so the fridge data can be easily viewed - handy when troubleshooting.


World Famous DanFoss Compressor (Secop)  - These compressors are KICKASS®!
DanFoss are the most famous named DC compressors in the world due to their amazing quality and reliability. These compressors are top of the line in quality and performance which means we can provide you a comprehensive 5-Year Warranty on the compressor in your new KICKASS® Fridge.


USB and 12V Power Output Panel - Power Your Appliances
We have included a dual USB 2.1 amp outlet on the front of our KICKASS® fridges for charging your Smartphone, Tablet, Digital Camera or anything else that can be powered from 2.1 amp USB. A 12V 10A cigarette socket is also included on the front panel so you can easily power other low voltage devices such as LED lighting kits, food sealers, small inverters, and more!

Note: The 12V 10A cigarette / accessories socket will only operate when the fridge is connected to a 12V power supply.

Electronic Thermostat With Digital Display and Soft-Touch Control
Set and Forget - KICKASS® fridges use precise electronic temperature control which ensures the temperature you set stays constant in the fridge. The illuminated LED display panel shows the temperature setting at a glance and is easy to see; day or night. Soft-touch control allows you to easily change the fridge setting with a few easy presses.

Low Voltage Battery Protection - Protects Your Battery System
All KICKASS® fridges feature automatic low voltage shutdown protection; protecting your batteries from over-discharge. This shutdown protection option can be selected on the control panel to be specifically suited to your system requirements.

Backed EvaKool - 5-Year Australia-Wide Warranty
KICKASS® fridges have a 5-Year Australian Warranty on every component of your 12V Fridge Freezer! Buy with the confidence knowing that you have EvaKool supporting you with its massive network of repairers Australia-wide.

Thick Quality Insulation - Massive Power Efficiency
If your house was perfectly insulated, you would not need to run your air conditioner as often. The same saying goes for Portable 12V Fridge Freezers! By having 60mm thick walls and quality insulation, the internal temperature is maintained; reducing the compressor run time and saving your precious battery power.

Additional Stacking Baskets - Ultimate Food Organisation
Save yourself from freezing cold hands and take advantage of the stackable baskets included in ALL KICKASS® 12V Portable Fridge Freezers! This was designed with you in mind; allowing you to easy access to your food and drinks with better organisation.

Recessed Power Input Panel
Take a look at majority of the competing Portable 12V Fridge Freezers on the market and you will see they have plugs that protrude from the body of the fridge making it easy to knock or permanently damage the fridge power lead. All KICKASS® Portable 12V Fridge Freezers feature a recessed power input panel and Anderson Style Connectors to ensure a safe and secure connection to keep your food and drinks chilled!

Anderson Style Connectors - The Ultimate 12V Connection
Anderson Style Connectors are the most superior 12V connection on the market - simple! That’s why Australian Direct has used Anderson Style Connectors on ALL Portable 12V Fridge Freezers in the KICKASS® range; ensuring that your fridge has a secure and permanent electrical connection to its power source.

Note: For those of you who already have a cigarette plug socket connection, we have included a cigarette plug to Anderson compatible adapter just in case.

12V/24V & Mains Power Operation - Run Your Fridge From DC and 240V Power

All KICKASS® fridges can be operated from DC power. Either via the:

  • Included 2 Meter Anderson Style Connector Power Lead
  • Included 35CM Anderson Style Connector to Cigarette Adaptor
  • Included 240V Power Cable


​​Heavy-Duty Handles - Carry and Tie Your Fridge Down

All KICKASS® 12V Portable Fridge Freezer handles can withstand 110kg which means that they’re the perfect tie-down point for a fully-loaded fridge.


High Quality Protective Cover Included - Protect Your Investment

KICKASS® 12V Portable Fridge Freezer Protective Covers use top of the line fabric and YKK zips - the best available in the market. Did we mention that it's FREE?

Product Reviews

45L fridge

14 July 2018
I recently purchased the 45 L fridge and found it simple to use and set up its wider footprint made it more stable when traveling without having to tie it down it cooled down quickly and maintained its temperature an over all great product

Kick Ass 45ltr fridge/freezer

2 November 2017
Excellent sevice from Australia Direct. The fridge arrived 4 days after placing the order The fridge itself (Everkool) is very well made and the extra features incorporated for the Kick Ass label are a cut above similar fridges in the same price range I carry my fridge in my 4x4 permanately and when it is empty there is a slight rattle caused by the the baskets. I solved this problem by putting a small amount electrical tape around the baskets (near the corners) where they touch each other A great fridge

45l kickass fridge

13 July 2017
Awesome fridge, ran three days on 100ah battery with a 10min drive on the second day, battery volts went from 12.7 on day 1 to 12.0 on the last day, led lights inside give enough lighting for a bloke with a few under his belt to find what he needs, ran some led lights from the 12v accessories socket and many people charged there phone from the USB port, only issue is the covers sides come up too high and when you shut the lid the cover gets stuck under the lid and the lid doesn't seal properly, I had to peel the corners of the cover around as I shut the lid which makes it a two hand job but that's about all I could fault

KickAss 45L Portable Camping Fridge/Freezer

13 June 2017
The product is excellent, especially with the insular cover provided. It is well presented, convenient and well backed up with a selection of complimentary devices such as solar panels, mains power and many others. The main deterrent in my case was the 4 month wait from Christmas before stock was available. I very nearly switched my order to Engel.