80 Amp Power Pack + KICKASS® 150W Panel + Watt Meter

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80 Amp power pack and KickAss solar panel

27 June 2017
What a brilliant piece of gear. I wanted something simple to use that would just click together without having to think it through. The KickAss gear does that for me. I looked all through the internet for comparable units but they didn't have the features or ease of connection that the KickAss does. The solar panels are robust and have many features that others don't, and they are set up already for me to use, I don't have to think about adding plugs or controllers cause someone at KickAss already thought that through for me. The 80 Amp power pack is well designed with many outlets and again is simple to use, just plug and play. I couldn't be happier with the KickAss products. And talk about quick delivery, ordered one day and delivered the next, now that's service.
Product Description

This Package comprises of the following items at a massively discounted price.

Please click on the links below for more details on the individual items in this pack.

KICKASS® 80 AH Battery Pack

KICKASS® 150W - Portable 12v Trifold Solar Panel - *PREMIUM*

KICKASS® Watt Meter with Anderson Connectors