KICKASS Plug & Play Dual Battery System Wiring Kit

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Our ultimate dual battery system wiring kit, WATCH THE VIDEO to see just how easy this kit is to install into your vehicle. There is nothing like having the right parts to get the job done and the team at KICKASS® have done just that in developing a premium plug and play wiring kit for installing a range of dual battery systems. Carefully designed for ultra easy DIY fitting these kits use high-quality trade grade components so you can be on par with the pros for your wiring installations.

Plug & Play Design

These kits are completely plug and play for any system that uses Anderson connectors for charging input and have everything you need for a professional wiring installation.  Our newly developed Maxifuse cable included in this kit makes it very easy to connect to the start battery, provides 50A circuit protection and has an inline 50A Anderson connector. This seamlessly connects to the huge 6 meters of heavy duty twin sheathed 8 B&S cable that runs to the rear of the vehicle. This cable is pre-crimped with Anderson connector terminals which makes it easy to run through holes and grommets. Once the cable is run, all you need to do is clip the Anderson connectors on and connect them to each other. the kit also includes cable ties for securing the main cables, a spare 80A Maxifuse, spare Anderson connector terminals and a small ring terminal assortment for optional connection to an inline VSR if required.

Be sure to watch the video to see just how easy this kit is to install.

The KICKASS® Universal wiring kit is ideal for installation of:

  • Wiring and installing Anderson connectors on the tow bar
  • Wiring to battery systems in the cargo area of the vehicle
  • DC-DC Chargers - See our KICKASS DCDC CHARGER or our IDC25AND which is fully compatible with this kit
  • VSR's - See our KAVSRAND which is fully compatible with this kit
  • KICKASS® Battery Boxes and Power Packs
  • Auxiliary batteries - By using our KICKASS® Maxifuse Cable and optional VSR

Quality Components​

This sensational kit includes:

1 x KICKASS® Maxifuse Cable with 80A Maxifuse pre-installed
6 x meters of  heavy duty 8 B&S Cable - pre-crimped with Anderson connector terminals
3 x 50 Amp Anderson style connector shells (1 Shell pre-installed on main cable)
3 x 50 Amp spare Anderson terminals 

1 x 80Amp spare Maxifuse
10 x Black cable ties (300mm )
4 x 8mm yellow ring terminals (for optional installation of a VSR)
1 x Anderson style connector weatherproof cover


Main Cable 6M of Twin Sheathed 8B&S (7.71mm2) - With Pre-Crimped Andersons
Circuit Protection 1 x 80 Amp Maxifuse - Holder Included
Battery Connection Terminals 2 x 8mm on Maxifuse Cable
High Current Connector 1 x 50 Amp Anderson Connector - Outlet
Spares 4 x 8mm Yellow Ring Terminals (Double Crimp)

1 x  80Amp Maxifuse
Fastening 15 x 100MM UV Enhanced Cable Ties


Product Warranty
1 Year Warranty, and 30 Days money back guarantee. Click to read more.
Product Reviews

Wiring kit

11 May 2019
A good kit for the DYI person. Make sure you watch the video for the install.


25 April 2019
Just long enough. I went through the fire wall,out the back and into the tub with anough left over to move

Plug & play duel battery wiring kit

18 July 2018
Good quality heavy duty cable and fittings easy to install after watching video.

Kickass product

27 December 2017
Awesome and easy to use product, Takes the hassle out of hard wiring a Anderson plug for your solar,fridge or battery pack.

Plug and play wiring kit

26 December 2017
It is rare in this day and age to find a product that does what it proclaims to do, even pea brain David managed to fit it !! Awesome video was a big help.

Really great plug and play option

11 December 2017
Super easy to install and setup. Good quality product, fast shipping. Only issue was that i paid full price and a day later it went on special for half price.....NOOOOO! But a great product either way. Would recommend.

KICKASS Automotive Dual Battery Wiring Kit - Plug

4 October 2017
Excellent product easy to install. Thanks for the extra 80amp fuse which i needed because i forgot to put the anderson plug on the end before connecting the battery- oops! No damage done .....that i can see .....yet!!! cheers .

Dual battery kit

1 August 2017
Excellent value and easy install. Highly Recomended.

Dual Car Battery Automotive Wiring Kit - Plug &amp

27 July 2017
Arrived promptly. All components as indicated on website. Video information helped with my purchase.

Battery dual kit

4 July 2017
Excellent product wired for power cheers