KICKASS Automotive Inline MAXI Fuse Holder - Anderson Plug

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KICKASS® MAXI Fuse Anderson Cable

We have developed and designed our all new KICKASS® MAXI Fuse Anderson cable to be the perfect solution for connecting up a battery to just about anything. This cable provides the ultimate circuit protection ensuring your battery is fused correctly through an 80A inline MAXI Fuse thus preventing a major meltdown should you ever have a short circuit in your system. 

The length of this cable has been specially designed to provide adequate reach when connecting to the vehicle starting battery. The provided length allows the cable to be expertly run through the battery compartment and connect to other cables such as dual battery wiring. The MAXI Fuse holder is weatherproof and integrated into the cable making it very easy and fast to install - there is no need to spend time mounting like traditional fuse holders or circuit breakers. 

The cable includes a 50 Amp Anderson style connector at one end providing a seamless connection to any device or electrical systems such as battery boxes or solar panels that use Anderson style connectors. At the other end of the cable, two high-quality 8mm ring terminals simply connect to your battery making this cable the main fused connection point. A spare 80A MAXI Fuse is also included with the cable so you have a backup if needed.


  • In-line weatherproof MAXI Fuse holder with 80A MAXI Fuse
  • Length 750mm
  • Cable type: Twin 8B&S (7.71m2) Red / Black Sheathed
  • 1 x 80A MAXI Fuse pre-installed in holder
  • 1 x 80A MAXI Fuse spare
  • 8mm ring terminals

See links below for replacement fuses:

Spare 80A MAXI Fuse - Clear
Spare 50A MAZI Fuse - Red

Product Reviews

Inline MAXI Fuse holder wired to Anderson Plug

25 May 2018
Great piece of gear, lugs properly attached (and fit battery terminal bolts) and unit is fully assembled. Not the heaviest rated wire but right size for AGM and fridge in the camper trailer. Being fully assembled makes installation a breeze. I felt the dust cap on the fuse could have been a bit tighter fit, but in an under bonnet installation I don't think this will be a problem. Top marks for supplying an extra 50A fuse with it. I'm now a repeat customer and still need some more bits as I re-develop the wiring on the camper and truck.


10 April 2018
The part came before Easter. It was well manufactured and fitted to my battery fine. Only negative is the price. Guy's, half the price would have still got you a good profit and a bigger smile from me.