Wireless Battery Voltage Monitor for Iphone + Android

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Very handy device

13 July 2017
What a great little unit . So good to be able to dial into my Battery in the tub and check that it's charging fine .


30 January 2017
It is a great little product. My only problem was, that the ring eyelets were to small. I had to cut them to fit onto my battery.

Great Product

10 August 2016
This little device is a great investment to anyone who has Batteries that are hard to access I have a camper trailer and the batteries are under the bed so to get to them normally I would have to open the whole trailer up however with this I only have to press the App on my smart phone and see straight away if my batteries are good or if they need charging.
Product Description

Wireless Battery Voltage Monitor for Iphone + Android

The KICKASS® Battery Guard is a sensational device which connects to any vehicle battery and wirelessly transmits the voltage levels to your IOS Iphone or Android mobile in real time.  This gives quick and easy monitoring of your batteries voltage level so you can prolong battery life by ensuring they do not become discharged or overcharged both of which could seriously damage your battery.

This unit is very easy to install simply connect the unit to the battery, download the app and select the device and that’s it. The app gives a digital and analogue read out of the voltage levels so they are easy to see. State of charge is easily indicated by the multicolor analogue display showing green as charged, orange as low and red as fully discharged. The app will also indicate that its time to recharge once the battery reaches a discharged state.

These units are great for adding a volt meter where it is difficult to install the convention type as almost no wiring is required - no need to run a cable or lead. They are also great to install in battery boxes and caravans where it is hard to get to the battery to get meters on to the terminals measure voltage.

Overall a fantastic device that makes checking battery voltages super quick and super easy.

Key Features
•        Up to 5 batteries can be monitored by a single phone  (You need to buy one unit per battery)
•        Monitoring of 6, 12 and 24 volts
•        Easy installation by ring eyelets to the battery
•        Power consumption: 2mW
•        No damage to the wireless module or the battery if polarity is reversed
•        Free Download of the App "intAct Battery-Guard" in the App Store or the Google Play Store

Note: Images represent actual unit and how it is connected to a battery in operation with a phone. Battery and Phone are not included.