Handy Charger suits KICKASS® Handy Battery Pack 12V 1 AMP

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A must extra

12 January 2017
The handy charger is great just plug it in and forget it until you need your handy pack next time
Product Description

Handy Charger suits KICKASS® Handy Battery Pack 12V 1AMP

This compact charger is the perfect accessory for your KICKASS® Handy battery pack which allows charging from any standard power point or 240V AC source. The unit features intelligent automatic charging with bulk and float stages. This allows you to leave the charger connected to your KICKASS® Handy pack without needing to worry about overcharging. This charger also maintains your battery when in float stage so your KICKASS® Handy pack will be always ready to go.

The charger has a 2M long cable and heavy duty screw lock connector that goes straight into your KICKASS® Handy pack. A red indicator light on the back of the charger also indicates the charging status.

Note this charger only suits the KICKASS® Handy Pack 15AH

Input: 240V AC
Charging voltage: 12 Volt
Charging current: 1 Amp
Dimensions: 70mm x 40mm x 40mm (LxWxH)