KICKASS 12V 20 Amp - 8 Stage Automatic Battery Charger

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Ensure the longest life and best performance from your Deep Cycle Battery



12 VOLT 12 AMP

12 VOLT 20 AMP

24 VOLT 10 AMP


Automatic stage charging is proven to be the best way to maintain your deep cycle battery! The KICKASS® 8-stage charging process is very comprehensive and will result in better battery performance and longer life expectancy.

  • Keep your battery healthy and maintain optimal charge!
  • Protect your battery from being overcharged!
  • Quick connect Anderson style plugs to Alligator Clips!
  • Bright LED display lets you know what stage your charger is in!
  • Heavy Duty Aluminium Anodized case!
  • The KICKASS® maintenance sequence can also help restore drained batteries and in some cases even rejuvenate sulphated batteries!
  • PLEASE NOTE! The 12 volt charger is for use with 12 volt systems ONLY! 

KICKASS® have used the latest technology to develop these chargers! The KICKASS® 8 STAGE AUTOMATIC BATTERY CHARGERS include a microcontroller unit (MCU) that monitors and controls the 8 stage charging sequence to perfection.

Using high frequency switchmode technology to convert 240 Volt AC power to 12 or 24 Volt DC (Depending on model) without the need for heavy transformers, this allows the chargers to be lightweight without sacrificing performance.

Featuring high quality internal sensing components the KICKASS® 8 STAGE BATTERY CHARGER can also identify a number of issues with your battery or charger.

KICKASS® 8 STAGE AUTOMATIC BATTERY CHARGERS are suitable for most battery types including Lead Acid, Calcium, Maintenance Free, AGM, and GEL batteries.


Available in 12 Volt Models at 7, 12 and 20 Amps and 24 Volt at 10 Amps



  • Charger type: 8-Stage Automatic

  • Input Voltage: 220-240V AC / 50 Hz

  • Input Power: 554W

  • Output Voltage: 12V DC

  • Max Output Current: 20A

  • Minimum Start Voltage: 2V

  • Back Drain: 1mA

  • Current Fuse Rating: 250VAC, T3.15A

  • Battery Types: Lead Acid, MF, Calcium, Gel, AGM

  • Efficiency: Approx. 85%

  • Thermal Protect: 65°C ± 5°C

  • Battery Types: Lead Acid, MF, Calcium, Gel, AGM

  • Cooling Fan: Automatic temperature controlled

  • Ambient Temperature: -20°C to + 50°C, output power is reduced automatically at high temperatures

  • Over Voltage Protection: The 12V charger will automatically supply protection if the voltage is higher than 17.5V.

  • Battery RangeL 150 - 300aH

Dimensions 217 x 116 x 62

Weight: 1.28Kg


Product Dimensions
Person Size
Width: 21mm
Length: 11mm
Height: 60mm
Product Reviews

Good quality

12 March 2019
Just got myself the 12 volt 20 AMP battery charger and this thing is going off it’s head . What a absolute bang for buck product . So easy to use it does what Clayton says in his videos you can’t go wrong with this product. Look before watching some of Clayton’s videos on YouTube and the kickass website. I thought I was looking after my battery properly man how wrong was I . Get one from kickass if you are shopping for a new charger you won’t look back. Can’t wait to get my hands my 120 AH dual battery with battery box and DC charger. Job well done Clayton..

Kickass 12v/20amp charger

28 July 2018
After searching through the endless pages of the Internet for a battery charger, I found the Kickass site. Best price, plenty of information and videos to get a good understanding of how things work. Ordered my charger and I am very happy with it. Nicely presented unit and easy to operate. Put it to work on my 130Ah AGM and it had no troubles at all. Delivery was a few days but thats to be expected. Very happy with the product and have already extended my list of things to buy - now to get that past the chief finance officer....

Kickass Results

9 July 2018
Fantastic product with a great result bringing a AGM battery back to life

12v/20 amp battery charger

6 July 2018
Arrived early and in good packing order Hubby very happy with it to charge is new 4 x 4 camper trailer Cheers Jo

12V/20 amp Charger

3 July 2018
Very impressed, good quality, works well. The 3 yr warranty is good for piece of mind


2 July 2018
Excellent product better than expected

A charger with style

30 June 2018
After putting up with an on-sometimes, off-more-often battery charger I invested in a 20amp Kickass Auto charger. How pleased I was with the quick service and a nice charger at a great price. It took no time from ordering to fitted in the van (ordered Friday working next Wednesday). The charger is in the dedicated caravan charger box which I have wired in. Looks good, works great (13.6V on the dial) and will hopefully last a long time. Many thanks to Joe and the crew for your speedy service.

Kickass 12v/20 amp charger

28 June 2018
Very happy with charger at this point, used to charge two 100a/h batteries in caravan, copes well with current conditions , will be tested when travelling and off grid for some time, requiring bringing back to full charge. Unit appears more than capable of achieving rapid recharge.

20amp kickass charger

27 June 2018
Excellent charger

Kickass 12V / 20Amp AC-AD Charger

13 June 2018
I have only recently started educating myself on 12V systems, duel battery set ups etc. I was going to spend quite a bit on a DC-DC charger but after watching / skipping through some of the Australian Direct videos I realized that I didn't need to because my Trusty old ute is pre-2006 (no smart alternator) So I brought this Kickass AC-DC charger for top ups and maintenance. I thought My 115amp AGM auxiliary battery was full from charge from the alternator and a 120w solar panel however when I hooked up my new charger It took about 4-5 hours to read full charge. since then I've been getting considerably longer run time out of my battery. I still haven't got a real firm grip on the science behind electricity but I'm confidant that I know all I need to too set up and run my 12V set up. That's the long way of saying that the Kickass 12V / 20AMP AC-DC charger is a great little charger at a good price. Also I found the Australian Direct team helpful and easy to deal with plus they are Australian!