KICKASS 12V 12 Amp - 8 Stage Automatic Battery Charger

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Ensure the longest life and best performance from your Deep Cycle Battery



12 VOLT 12 AMP

12 VOLT 20 AMP

24 VOLT 10 AMP


Automatic stage charging is proven to be the best way to maintain your deep cycle battery! The KICKASS® 8-stage charging process is very comprehensive and will result in better battery performance and longer life expectancy.

KICKASS® have used the latest technology to develop these chargers! The KICKASS® 8 STAGE AUTOMATIC BATTERY CHARGERS include a microcontroller unit (MCU) that monitors and controls the 8 stage charging sequence to perfection.

Using high frequency switchmode technology to convert 240 Volt AC power to 12 or 24 Volt DC (Depending on model) without the need for heavy transformers, this allows the chargers to be lightweight without sacrificing performance.

Featuring high quality internal sensing components the KICKASS® 8 STAGE BATTERY CHARGER can also identify a number of issues with your battery or charger.

KICKASS® 8 STAGE AUTOMATIC BATTERY CHARGERS are suitable for most battery types including Lead Acid, Calcium, Maintenance Free, AGM, and GEL batteries.

  • Keep your battery healthy and maintain optimal charge!
  • Protect your battery from being overcharged!
  • Quick connect Anderson style plugs to Alligator Clips!
  • Bright LED display lets you know what stage your charger is in!
  • Heavy Duty Aluminium Anodized case!
  • The KICKASS® maintenance sequence can also help restore drained batteries and in some cases even rejuvenate sulphated batteries!
  • PLEASE NOTE! The 12 volt charger is for use with 12 volt systems ONLY! 



Available in 12 Volt Models at 7, 12 and 20 Amps and 24 Volt at 10 Amps



  • Charger type: 8-Stage Automatic

  • Input Voltage: 220-240V AC / 50 Hz

  • Input Power: 332W

  • Output Voltage: 12V DC

  • Max Output Current: 12A

  • Minimum Start Voltage: 2V

  • Back Drain: 1mA

  • Current Fuse Rating: 250VAC, T3.15A

  • Battery Types: Lead Acid, MF, Calcium, Gel, AGM

  • Efficiency: Approx. 85%

  • Thermal Protect: 65°C ± 5°C

  • Battery Types: Lead Acid, MF, Calcium, Gel, AGM

  • Cooling Fan: Automatic temperature controlled

  • Ambient Temperature: -20°C to + 50°C, output power is reduced automatically at high temperatures

  • Over Voltage Protection: The 12V charger will automatically supply protection if the voltage is higher than 17.5V.

  • Battery RangeL 90 - 150aH

Dimensions 197 x 116 x 62

Weight: 1.1Kg


Product Dimensions
Person Size
Width: 197mm
Length: 116mm
Height: 62mm
Product Reviews

12 amp battery charger

12 September 2018
Hi I thought that I would wait until I had used the charger for a while before doing a review, I have used it about eight times on different types of batteries and I am very lmpressed with it. Very happy. Rob

KickAss is right on

31 July 2018
Had 2 B/up AGMs in caravan and tow vehicle I thought I had cooked with crap chargers. 2 days on one of these and they are holding full charge again. Before, after charging by vehicle, flat in 2 days. Awesome thank you

It’s name says it all

26 June 2018
Got this KickAss charger and it lives up to it’s name. Easy to use price is very reasonable would recommend

12V/12A Battery Charger Delivery Issues

21 June 2018
Having experienced problems with Australian Post delivery the staff at Australian Direct were very helpful in resolving the problem and ended up express mailing a new charger which arrived two days later. A pleasant experience.

Awesome charger!

13 June 2018
Recently purchased the 12amp 8 stage automatic battery charger and could not be happier. Using it to maintain my deep cycle battery on my 4WD during the week when it is parked up and not in use. The recondition mode is very handy and has refreshed my other battery back for camping lights and charging station. I would recommend purchasing one of these to anyone who does not use their off road vehicle as a daily driver

Kickass 12amp Battery Charger

4 June 2018
The battery charger is amazing. Compact yet powerful and adaptable to any decent sized lead based battery (gel, AGM, wet). After purchasing a 135amp battery from another provider and having no end of problems with customer service I decided to look for a new provider for a charger. So glad I did as this product is far superior than the one I was looking at. I ran a headlight bulb on high beam for 7 hours then plugged this charger in and in less than 4 hours my battery was ready to go again. Best thing is I can leave it connected until I next need it knowing it will not damage the battery at all. Highly recommended.

kickass 12v/12 amp - 8stage battery charger

22 March 2018
absolutely superb, just hooked up to my batteries in my caravan, excellent product ,especially with the Anderson plug included, perfect for my solar panels when camping, great price, fast delivery , now a big fan of your website, thanks very much shane, 5 stars all day long

Battery charger

14 March 2018
Good service and postage was on time ,good job


13 March 2018
Great product for the price point, works excellently and arrived quickly overall extremely happy with my purchase definitely is a KICKASS product!

Great customer service after the fact.

13 February 2018
Having seen this charger on a special I tried to buy it over the internet. At the time it was advertised as free shipping but on checkout it tried to charge me. It hit the contact us now button and spoke with one of the guys in the call centre and he apologised that the promotion actually had finish but the site not updated. He then gave me the special price and it was delivered promptly as expected. The product itself for 90bucks if I recall is exceptional and keeping my car and auxiliary battery in tip top shape. First time I have used the guys won't be the last. Andy Burgess Brisbane.