KICKASS 12V Battery Box With Projecta DCDC MPPT Solar Charge Controller

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Battery boxes have been around for years with the main priority being the care and safety of the battery inside. The KICKASS® Battery Box is in a league of its own in today’s 12V Caravan, Camping and 4WD market. Not only does the KICKASS® Battery Box portability, ventilation and usability, it also keeps the battery (and wiring) protected and out of direct exposure to harsh Australian conditions.

Key Features:

  • Breakthrough plug and play design - (no complicated wiring required)

  • Built-in isolator for dual battery setups

  • Advanced 3 Stage DC/DC charger incorporated suited to keep AGM batteries in top condition

  • Built-in solar regulator with MPPT

  • Charge from multiple DC sources

  • Strong and sturdy design

  • Multiple power outlets to cater a wide range of low voltage equipment

  • Integrated LED Voltmeter

Note: Battery Not Included

KA Main Box Specifications

  • 2 x Marine Grade Cigarette Type Socket 16 Amp Rated

  • 1 x Merit Type Socket - Rated to 15 Amps

  • 1 x Dual USB Type Outlet - Rated to 2.1 Amps at 5 Volt

  • 2 x 50 Amp Anderson Style Connectors

  • LED Volt Meter with Push Button

  • 1 x 30A Auto Reset Circuit Breaker for Power Ports

  • 1 x 50A Auto Reset Circuit Breaker for High Current Ports

  • Supported Batteries GEL, AGM, WET, CALCIUM


KA Ultimate Battery Box Dimensions (Internal)

  • Length 335mm

  • Width 190mm

  • Height 225m


KA Ultimate Battery Box Dimensions (External)

  • Length 423mm

  • Width 273mm

  • Height 313mm

Product Dimensions
Person Size
Width: 273mm
Length: 423mm
Height: 313mm
Product Warranty
1 Year Warranty, and 30 Days money back guarantee. Click to read more.
Product Reviews

worth the coin

7 January 2019
The best thing about this thing is the angled down Anderson connectors, they point down to maximize space i your vehicle, meaning you dont have to worry about plugs that stick outwards that could get knocked and broken. apart from that having a portable setup is the way to go imo. the battery is stored safe and cool in the back and comes out when ever you may need it out side. it has 2 anderson out put plugs and i have changed all my accessories to anderson using 2 way Anderson adapters, so i run 4 accessories via Anderson out of this box, the other cig,merit and usb plugs are handy but are not used all that often. factoring the cost of this and the battery this is a very expensive way to go but they will replace if anything goes wrong

Kick Ass Battery Box with DC-DC Charger

12 December 2018
I’ve yet to install the battery box into my dual cab, that will happen shortly when I get the canopy and drawer system installed. I bought the Kick Ass product to replace an unreliable Ark Pak 730. I have tested the Kick Ass box with the 150 Watt folding solar panels, also a Kick Ass product, and as a pair, I can now safely travel with the knowledge that I will have power available with out the need to bring my generator, a great weight saving. The build standard of all the Kick Ass products I have purchased so far is outstanding, well done.

Clever, well thought out

9 March 2018
A great product. Robust and we'll thought out. Full protection not just from fuses, but circuit breakers, all neatly wired. Very reliable. The DC to DC charger is of very good quality, and a set and forget, knowing which ever charging source is being used the battery is being charged properly. Great product guys

Very Impressed

30 May 2017
I purchased the Kickass battery box and a 120 amp/hour battery a few months ago. It was the easiest thing to set up (with my limited electrical knowledge) I set it up in the canopy on my BT50 to run a 50litre fridge and some led lights. In my opinion all of the components that are already fitted have been well thought out. Thanks very much Aussie Direct, well done. Next purchase, a slimline 120 a/h battery to run a second fridge inside the car. Regards Rick