DCDC Chargers

  • 12/24 Volt input capability
  • 25 Amp charging at full load
  • Superior 3-stage charging
  • Built in MPPT regulator
  • Multi-chemistry support for AGM, WET GEL and Calcium batteries

You can buy the Projecta IDC25 unit solo, or pre-installed onto our KickAss Ultimate Battery Box – the all in one plug and play system for charging and isolating your auxiliary batteries.


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DC/DC Charger
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Charge simultaneously from a vehicle & solar panels! OK for Smart Alternators!
120AH Dual Battery System with DC-DC / MPPT Solar Charger and Wiring Kit
Plug & Play Anderson Style Connectors - Suits Smart Alternators
The plug and play solution for isolating and charging auxiliary AGM batteries!
Charges a Deep Cycle Battery from a Smart Alternator & Portable Solar
Save $98 | All In One Smart Charging Isolator Solution