KICKASS Slim 12V 170AH Deep Cycle AGM Dual Battery

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These Slimline batteries are the key to tight applications in your 4x4 vehicle, caravan or camper-van. They are even suitable for saltwater/marine applications like your boat. With a KICKASS® Battery on the road with you, your power and electricity troubles will become a thing of the past.

Key Features:

  • Power your 12V fridges, high powered inverters, lights or any other 12V appliances
  • Store solar or wind power
  • Suitable for 4x4 and Marine Conditions
  • Completely Sealed - (allowing you to place the battery in whatever angle is needed)
  • High vibration resistance -  (Enables them to withstand even the toughest 4x4 tracks)
  • Rugged ABS Container - The tough and high-quality ABS container will last for decades without aging or deforming: keeping your battery looking brand new!
  • 99.7% pure lead calcium grids and A recognized Component of U.L
  • 5 Year pro-rata warranty


Maintenance-Free and Safe: To make life easier for you, KICKASS® Batteries are completely maintenance-free. No more refilling terminals with water; just purchase and reap the benefits.

Safety valve: You can rely on the in-built safety valve to keep you and your family safe by ensuring the battery is completely sealed, preventing any possible battery explosions.

Exceptional Deep Discharge Recovery:  High oxygen-recombination efficiency ensures no loss of electrolyte, giving the batteries exceptional deep discharge recovery performance, just in case you accidentally discharge your batteries a little too much! This also ensures you will never need to replace electrolyte during the course of the batteries' life.

Durable Plates: High purity, thick lead-calcium alloy plates ensure a long design life span of 8 years (for infrequent discharge @20¡C).

Corrosion resistant: Lead-calcium grids maintain a low self-discharge rate of approximately 3% of capacity per month.

Quality copper-silver terminals: Small contact resistance and high corrosion resistance.



  • Solar applications;
  • Marine Applications;
  • Telecommunications;
  • Emergency Power System;
  • Power plant and power transformer system;
  • Control Equipment.


*Please note installing this battery under your bonnet or in electric golf buggies will void your warranty. More suitable battery types for these applications are CCA rated batteries.

  • Nominal Voltage 12.8V
  • Nominal Capacity 170Ah@20 hour rate F.V.(1.80V/cell)
  • Approx. Weight 45.00Kg
  • Terminals B3 (Fitting M6 bolt & nut) I2 is optional
  • ​Internal Resistance = O O4.5m (Fully Charged)
  • Max. Discharge Current 1200A (5 sec)
  • Max. Charge Current 40A
  • Operating Temperature Range Charge: -10°C~40°C (14°F~104°F)
  • Discharge: -20°C~50oC (-4°F~122°F)
  • Storage: -20°C~40°C (-4°F~104°F)
  • Self Discharge 3% of capacity declined per month at (25°C)
Product Reviews

170ah Slimline

13 December 2018
I purchased the 170ah battery and installed behind the seat of my Dual Cab Ranger. Fits perfectly and works seamlessly with my dual battery system. Tested it out on a 3 week Kimberley trip on very rough roads and I can't fault it. Would definitely recommend.

duel Battery

16 November 2017
I recently purchased 170AH slim line battery, Kickass DC-DC charger. Everything arrived quickly installed perfectly and it working as expected.

170ah agm slimline batteries

12 August 2016
Thanks for great service and a wonderful product. I can fit 6 of these batteries under the bed in my motorhome because of the unique slimline design. Great batteries

Kickass 12 Volt 170 A/H

18 June 2016
this battery is powering my Waeco 50 ltr and 2 strip lights with a 120 W solar panel and it has performed really well as the fridge is set at -10 and -15 in the day the lights run for 6 hours at night the battery will keep up with most items although i did need to run a Regulator for the Solar feed as the Waeco has a low cut off already. the weight was a problem if you are moving it around a lot though


9 April 2015
The seller deserves a mention before the product. They answer emails quickly with a friendly response, provide extremely fast processing and shipping, with delivery to my front door. 100% positive shopping experience, not once, but multiple purchases. The batteries arrived in a fully charged state and are the 'SLIMLINE' variety. For RV and alike, these batteries are the way to go. AGM batteries - mount them any way you like, upside down if it suits the mounting space. This is my first experience with "SLIMLINE' batteries, and I'm surprised by just where they will fit. Even mounted along a center isle, at only a 100mm or so, they seem to blend into the walkway. I have mounted one laying flat in the bottom of a cupboard, again, only taking up a 100mm or so of bottom space. Forget the traditional battery with the terminals at each end, the "SLIMLINE' has both terminals on one end, spaced 5cm apart with a lift-up protective cover, so the battery can be completely slotted into a space and have full access to the terminal lugs (stainless steel screw- in bolt type). I can't recommend this style of battery enough, certainly made for the RV, caravan and camping community. Cheers

Kickass 150 Amp Hour slimline AGM battery

14 October 2014
I have just purchased the 150 Amp Hour slimline Battery for my slide on camper to replace the 100 Amp hour AGM Battery that has worked well, but is 9 years old and intend fitting it tomorrow and I'm sure the extra capacity with the two 200 watt Solar panels will allow for cloudy days and keep the compressor fridge and the 31 litre Waeco going. Plus I am impressed by the prompt service when I purchased the battery. Thanks again...Jim Wilson

Excellent Quality

5 December 2013
We are so impressed with the Battery, we recommend Kickass Battery.