KICKASS® 110 AH Battery + DC-DC/MPPT Solar Charger

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Product Dimensions
Width: 45cm
Length: 26.5cm
Height: 32.5cm
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AGM battery 110 Ah with dc/dc unit

4 June 2018
Tried the battery pack this weekend for powering a 50l fridge. Worked perfectly. Installation at the back of the ute was simple. Freighting of the product was prompt. Great professionalism. Cheers to AD.

Great Product

26 April 2017
I have just come back from my first weekend away using the Kickass Battery Pack ... it performed superbly in support of an older fridge, IPhone and Camera charging. Great product.

110 amp battery pack

24 January 2017
I had my Audi Q5 wired by a professional auto electrician and he said it was the best portable second battery pack he had seen and I agree with him. It is a ruggedly built and compact unit and doesn't look like all the other units which were basically plastic boxes with tacked on bits. I liked the large number of connections available. I haven't had it long but so far it works as advertised and I'm very happy with it.

Really is kickass!

4 January 2017
Gotta say I was a bit worried to spend this much money on a battery setup but once I got it all up and going It really was the Best Buy. Not just for convenience but the quality of the product and helpful videos to get exactly what you need and installed quick! I got the 110 amp with dc dc charger and the 200a solar panels. And really appreciate all the extra adapters and extensions they give you really helped me configure everything right! I would definitely recommend them


11 December 2016
I recently purchased this Battery Pack, and on my first look on it is obviously built for rugged outdoors! Used it on a recent camping trip, and it it worked amazing! better than the noisy generator. I'm pretty much a DIY person, and with very limited understanding on auto electrical stuffs I am still able to install the wiring kit on my Landcruiser Prado 2004 by just following the video on the website. The only tricky bit for me is passing the wiring through the firewall grommet because the wire is a bit thick, I guess it's a quality wire. The staffs that I talked and chatted with are very friendly and helpful.


4 May 2016
I recently purchased the kickass 110 amphour pack with the DC to DC charger. This is an extremely well build product and looks like it could take a beating ( perfect for rugged 4x4 tracks) I'm yet to use it for a long period but will put up another review once I have


31 March 2016
Great product, there is not much it can't do and very helpful staff. I would 100% recommend this product. Made my camping trip a breeze.
Product Description

KICKASS® 110 AH Battery Pack With Integrated DC-DC-Solar Charger

The complete solution portable power pack!

Our most advanced model KICKASS® portable power pack features an integrated Projecta 25A DC-DC charger which provides optimal charging to the internal battery of the power pack keeping them in top condition.

The unit also features an intelligent auto sensing battery isolator which charges the power pack as you drive and isolates it when you're stopped so there is no need to install a separate isolator in your vehicle or worry about your starting battery going flat.

Additionally, this unit also features an on board Solar MPPT regulator for maximum charging through your solar panels. You can even connect your panels while you drive so you are charging from both your vehicles and solar at the same time!

All Anderson connector inputs are conveniently labeled so you can plug your solar panels or vehicle charging cables straight in - plug & play!

FREE WITH THIS ITEM! KICKASS® Dual Battery Wiring Kit - Plug & Play

More key features and benefits of our most advanced power pack are:

  • Over 1,000 cold cranking amps of power.

  • The KICKASS® 110 AH can jump start all petrol vehicles, tractors and diesel trucks.

  • The KICKASS® 110 can run a 40L- 50L fridge for up to 3 days.  

KA Power outlets for all your KICKASS® accessories


  • Dual USB charging outlet for ipads, smart phones, and tablets

  • Twin cigarette lighter sockets and 1 hella/merit outlet

  • Dual 50 Amp Anderson connectors

  • 175 Amp Anderson connector for a heavy–duty jump starting

  • 2–Pin socket for easy charging

  • Engel fridge outlet rated at 15 Amps

KA Safe, Reliable and Easy To Use


  • Spike Protected Jump–Start System which means that there is no damage to your car or batteries

  • 15 Amp Circuit Breaker to protect leads, battery, and equipment

  • Manufactured in Australia to Australian Standards

  • The KICKASS® AGM battery can charge to full capacity 5 times faster than a standard lead acid battery

  • Package includes a set of heavy–duty jumper leads

  • Everything you need to install and safely run a dual battery charging system

  • LED Digital Display Meter for accurate measurement of the battery’s voltage

KA Tough, Versatile and Dependable KICKASS® Quality


  • 2-Year KICKASS® Warranty

  • Shock Resistant, Sealed and No–Spill AGM Long–Life Battery

  • The KICKASS® AGM Battery can handle continuous discharging and charging

  • Rechargeable By Your Car which is compatible with mains power and KICKASS® solar panels

  • Marine Grade Components and 100% Weatherproof

Advanced Model Integrated DC / DC Charger

Power Plus!  Dual Battery and Jump Start. Camping or 4WD

Connections Plus! Cigarette, Merit/Hella, Anderson, USB

  • 110 Amp AGM Battery

  • Australian-Made Battery Box

  • Marinised IP67

  • 100% Weatherproof

  • 2x 2.5 Amp USB ports

  • 2x 5 Amp Cigarette Socket

  • 2x 50 Amp Anderson Connectors

  • 1 set of 12V Heavy Duty Jumper Leads

  • Merit / Hella Socket

  • Engel Fridge Outlet

  • Led Gauge  


  • Height- 335mm

  • Width- 265mm

  • Length- 335mm

  • Weight- 36kg


See here for the full specifications on the integrated Projecta DC-DC Charger