KICKASS® 12 Volt 110 AH Deep Cycle AGM Battery Power Bank

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Product Dimensions
Width: 33.5cm
Length: 36.5cm
Height: 30cm
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110AH Battery Pack

29 April 2016
Very Happy the 110 AH Battery Pack.. Would like to be notified when your new large fold up Solar panels are Ready for sale and Price

Kickass 110 battery pack

5 December 2015
After looking at various options, for us as a family a dual battery in the car wasn't as practical as a stand alone power source. With this we can move the fridge into the tent, use it at a bbq etc etc. I installed the battery charging kit that comes with it to my Amarok in around 15 minutes, this will charge the battery more quickly than the 12v socket. It allows the fridge to work whilst charging. Really easy to do as I'm no expert. On a recent 3 day trip the fridge, lights and charging all the kids tech was handled but the kickass with no problem. Very practical for family touring. Excellent service from the team, highly recommended.

Kickass 110ah

16 October 2015
Great product. Ran the old engel for 3.5 days without a charge. Just under 50 percent when I got home.Ordered in a panic for a quick camping trip and it arrived the next day. Staff at Aus. Direct couldn't be more helpful. Thanks for a good product and service
Product Description

KICKASS® 110 AH 12 Volt Portable Battery Pack

An in-car dual battery charging system for 4WD camping and overnight 

KA 1,000+ Cold Cranking Amps! KICKASS® 110 AH Has Grunt and Finesse  

  • The KICKASS® 110 AH can jump start all petrol vehicles, tractors, and diesel trucks.

  • The KickAss 110 can run a 40L- 50L fridge for up to 4 days depending on conditions.

  • Power LED lights, sensitive electronic equipment, and charge all smart devices.

  • The charging system keeps your car's 'starting battery' safe, isolated, and fully charged .

KA Safe, Reliable and Easy To Use

  • Spike Protected Jump–Start System which means there is no damage to your car or batteries.

  • 15 Amp Circuit Breaker to protect leads, battery, and equipment.

  • Manufactured in Australia to Australian Standards.

  • The KickAss AGM Battery can charge to full capacity 5 times faster than a standard lead acid battery.

KA Tough, Versatile and Dependable KickAss Quality  

  • 2-Year KickAss Warranty

  • Shock Resistant, Sealed and No–Spill AGM Long–Life Battery

  • The KickAss AGM Battery can handle continuous discharging and charging.

  • Marine Grade Components and 100% Weatherproof


KA Dimensions

  • Height-305mm

  • Width-265mm

  • Length-335mm

  • Weight-36kg

KA Included

  • 110 Amp AGM Battery

  • Australian-Made Battery Box

  • Marinised IP67

  • 100% Weatherproof

  • 2x 2.5 Amp USB Ports

  • 2x 5 Amp Cigarette Sockets

  • 2x 50 Amp Anderson Connectors

  • 1x Set of 12V Jumper Leads

  • 1x Merit / Hella Socket

  • 1x Engel Fridge Outlet

  • Led Gauge