KICKASS® 12V 120AH Deep Cycle AGM & Battery Box

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Product Dimensions
Width: 17.2cm
Length: 33.2cm
Height: 22.2cm
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Battery box and battery

13 June 2018
Battery box is well made and easy to set up with battery. I used the unit on a recent trip to run a fridge. It keeped 12.7 v for the entire weekend. Easy to use and portable. Ordered on the Monday turned up Wednesday was very quick in the delivery.

battery and box

9 April 2018
this is an excellent purchase for me so far havent taken actually taken it camping as yet but im sure it will be everything that i require and will was a pleasure to do buissness with you fast shipping and tracking information helped with delivery of product again thanks.will return to this shop in the future.

KICKASS 12V 120AH Deep Cycle AGM & Battery Box

5 December 2017
Great product. The digital meter on the battery box made it a breeze to see what was happening to the battery and allowed us to judge if and when we switched the 12 to 240v inverter on, during the cloudy and rainy days.Very happy campers

Kickass 110 ah battery & battery box

9 November 2017
Straight from unwrapping quality is obviously good. I chose battery and box to take between car for fridge and boat to run electric trolling motor. Works beautifully.

Kickass 12VDC 120amp Deep Cycle AGM Battery &

15 August 2016
Battery & box are both good, a lot of handy external plug sockets especially the front & back Anderson plugs. Good quality & works well !!

120amp battery & box

10 March 2016
being an aged person these product's suited my requirements 100% and very helpful staff.

Kickass 120amp battery and battery box

23 January 2016
Excellent product, purchased to run waeco cfx 35 fridge, 6w light and 21in television for camping/shed, coupled with kickass 200w bifold solar panel easily keeps system charged, I am very impressed with products and service.
Product Description

Purchase this kit with ANY KickAss Fridge Freezer > Enter EOFYCHARGER18 into your cart > Score a FREE 12V/12A 8 Stage Automatic Smart Charger.

Nicknamed 'The Weekender' kit, this AGM & Battery box combo is the perfect 12V starter pack to get you and your family away for fun camping weekends. 

KICKASS® 12 Volt 120 AH Deep Cycle AGM Battery (5 Year Pro Rata Warranty)

  • Maintenence Free and Safe: To make life easier for you, KICKASS® Batteries are completely maintenence free. No more refilling terminals with water just purchase and reap the benefits. 
  • Safety Valve: You can rely on the in-built safety valve to keep you and your family safe by ensuring the battery is completely sealed, preventing any possible battery explosions.
  • Exceptional Deep Discharge Recovery:  High oxygen-recombination efficiency ensures no loss of electrolyte, giving the batteries exceptional deep discharge recovery performance just in case you accidently discharge your batteries a little too much! This also ensures you will never need to replace electrolyte during the course of the batteries life.
  • Durable Plates: High purity, thick lead-calcium alloy plates ensure a long design lifespan of 8 years (for infrequent discharge @20°C).
  • Corrosion resistant: Lead-calcium grids maintain a low self-discharge rate of approximately 3% of capacity per month.
  • Quality copper-silver terminals: Small contact resistance and high corrosion resistance.

KICKASS® 12 Volt Car Battery Box for Deep Cycle / AGM / GEL

  • 2 x Marine Grade Cigarette type socket - rated to 16 Amps - Includes rubber cap design to protect all sockets.
  • 1 x Merit type socket - rated to 15 Amps - Includes rubber cap design to protect all sockets
  • 1 x Dual USB outlet - rated to 3.1 Amps at 5 Volts (Shared 1 x 2.1amps 1 x 1 Amp)
  • 2 x 50 Amp Anderson connectors
  • 1 x LCD Digital Volt meter gauge  -Allows for accurate voltage reading of your battery (3volt ~ 30 Volts)
  • 1 x Hold down push button switch - Used for Volt gauge and USB Output
  • 1 x 30 Amp Automatic reset circuit breaker - Controls all outlet sockets inside the Battery Box
  • 1 x 50 Amp Automatic reset circuit breaker - Control both 50 Amp Anderson connector on front & rear

Battery Box Dimensions (Internal)

Length 335mm
Width 190mm
Height 225m

Box Dimensions (External)

Length 410mm
Width 260mm
Height 280mm