12V Portable Battery Box + Dual Battery Kit + 120AH AGM

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Product Dimensions
Width: 17.2cm
Length: 33.2cm
Height: 22.2cm
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Recent purchase of 120AH AGM Battery,Battery Box,.

21 June 2018
Prior to the purchase of my equipment I did a lot of research, YouTube, Internet, Phone calls and window shopping. I found one company that could answer all of my questions, via their online store videos. When I contacted Australian Direct I spoke to Joe Curran who was so helpful, nothing was a problem and I felt he had a passion for his work and the company. You certainly can buy cheaper but you can't get the quality Kickass provides either in product, sales and delivery. Great company

Good Products

2 June 2018
Very satisfied with the quality of the product supplied. Installed in the car easily, definitely a 'plug and play' that anyone can understand. Would highly recommend this to anyone needing a second battery system that isn't looking to spend a lot of money.

Battery box bundle

27 November 2017
Turned up in mail quickly and is exactly as advertised. Very pleased with product. Good quality. Can’t wait to give it a proper test at Xmas.

Battery Box & Dual Battery Kit.

20 December 2016
Very fast delivery, great customer service. Good follow-up service as well. Well made battery box - has all the connections and accessories I will ever need. Dual battery kit has everything to connect the battery box into the vehicle, great easy to follow instructions. Overall, great value for money. Highly recommend Australian Direct as an honest trader who really knows how to look after their customers.

excellent gear

17 December 2016
I absolutely love the gear from kick ass. The quallity of the materials is great and the ease of the install means it can absolutely be done by anyone. The only thing you have to watch is putting the anderson plug together, just make sure you put it together properly, other than that, if your looking for gear to go on the road with, dont look past kick ass gear.

Great design, easy to use.

17 October 2016
Well built, with good wiring and easy to install. The battery box is really convenient and portable, so can leave my fridge running at my campsite when I'm off exploring trails. Battery has more than enough capacity for my fridge and camp lights. Great product.

12v Portable Battery Box+ Dual Battery Kit + 120AH

22 September 2016
Glad I chose the complete kit. So compact and ready wired. Installing the unit and wiring was so easy and the online instructional video was very well presented.
Product Description
This is the perfect package to build and install your very own dual battery system / portable power bank. It includes the KICKASS® 12 Volt portable battery box with all the power outlets you will ever need along with our KICKASS® VSR and DIY wiring kit which is easy to install and allows for automatic battery isolation between your start and auxiliary battery to ensure that you never run your starting battery down. This package also includes our KICKASS® 120AH 12V AGM battery giving you everything you need for a supercharged dual battery system set up with a portable power pack.

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KICKASS® 12 Volt Portable Battery Box


KICKASS® Plug & Play Dual Battery Wiring Kit

KICKASS® 120AH 12V AGM Battery

BONUS ITEMS: FREE Battery tester and Terminal Covers.