Battery Systems

Regardless of where you want to install your second battery, Australian Direct has a Dual Battery System for every application.

This video on the right will teach you everything you need to know about Dual Battery Systems for Vehicles/Trailers & more.

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NEW PRODUCT | 2 Year Warranty 328mm L x 172mm W x 230mm H - 31KG
5 Year Pro-Rata Warranty - 306mm L x 169mm W x 215mm H - 25.5KG
Adjustable To 6 Different Pin Dimensions
2 Year Warranty - 12V Twin Pack with Parallel Linking Cables
27% OFF
RRP $818.00
5 Year Pro-Rata Warranty - 12V Twin Pack with Parallel Linking Cables
5 Year Pro-Rata Warranty 410mm L x 110mm W x 290mm H - 35.0KG
5 Year Pro-Rata Warranty - 553mm L x 112mm W x 290mm H - 45.0KG
Multi-Colour Led display gives colour coded indication of different voltage ranges
1x Anderson to 3 x Anderson Adaptor
High quality polycarbonate construction up to 25 Amps per fuse
Houses up to 12 Blade Fuses for 12 or 24V appliances
Charge simultaneously from a vehicle & solar panels! OK for Smart Alternators!
Cut In 13.3v - Cut Out 12.8v Battery Charger / Isolator for Pre 2006 Vehicles
Volt meter, 1 x USB & 2 x Cigarette power sockets - BainTech
Volt Meter, 1 x USB, & 2 x Cigarette power sockets - BainTech
Build your own power pack and connect to your vehicle!
Light Weight Twin Core Cable - Cig Plug to Cig Socket
5 Metre Cigarette Extension with 4MM Twin core cable.
Add how many metres required buy typing in the number into the Quantity Field
A must have for mounting an Anderson connector on your vehicle