12V Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer + 100 Vacuum Bags & 2 x 5m Rolls
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Did you know that vacuum sealing food massively increases the time is can be stored without freezing? Vacuum sealing food also eliminates the need for containers that take up space and often leak and will often save battery power by not having to freeze food!

KICKASS® Vacuum Food Sealers:

  • Vacuum seal your food before you go away to save room in your kickass fridge / freezer and keep your food fresh

  • Pre-prepare your meat and veggies so there is no fuss when you are camping

  • Great for sealing fish fillets on your fishing trips

  • Protect frozen foods from freezer burn and drying

  • Preserve and marinate foods for intense flavour

  • Runs directly from your 12 volt Cig socket

  • Heat sealing – seals bag to the appropriate length for your food

  • One touch operation with additional pulse feature

  • Seal electrical devices such as phones and tablets to protect from water damage

  • Includes 10 vacuum bags to get you started

The KICKASS® Vacuum Food Sealer is a compact, one-touch device that seals your food by removing the air from the packaging. This helps the food stay fresher, healthier and tastier - with up to 5 times longer storage time than regular packaging would allow.

By removing the oxygen from the packaging, you hinder the growth of bacteria, mould and yeast, all of which contribute to food losing its fresh flavour and eventually becoming inedible. Food that is vacuum sealed can be kept and enjoyed at a later date so you always have a fresh meal on hand no matter where you are.

A quick and easy way to ensure your food remains fresh and tasty for longer. Ideal for use on the road.

This Package includes an extra 100 Large 25cm x 30cm vacuum puches and two Cut and Seal 25cm x 5 Metre Vacuum Rolls.




Keep your food fresh and save space

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