Camping & 4X4 Security Lock Alarm Cable 2.4M

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Security Lock Alarm's are an innovative and portable device for securing any large items from theft. What makes the Lock-Alarm stand out from the others is its ear piercing siren. When an attempt is made to cut through the ultra hard steel cable or attack the main lock unit the alarm starts screaming!

Compact and simple to use, the lock alarm unit(s) can provide protection for valuables left unattended outside or stored in a shed, garage or outbuilding. It is also ideal for when you are on the move for securing equipment whilst in transit in vehicles, in the back of trucks or on trailers.

All lock alarms available at Australian Direct operate using a 9 Volt Alkaline battery which fits inside a tamper proof internal compartment. Suitable for use in all weathers and environments the lock alarm unit(s) can be used freestanding or it can be anchored to a wall, post, side of a vehicle, or directly onto bicycles or machinery using the brackets supplied. 

Also available in 4.6m, 10m and 20m lengths.


How resistant to attack are the products? Lock-Alarms offer a very good level of security and hold a significant deterrent factor. Most opportunistic thieves will choose easy targets, so any items secured with Lock-Alarm will often be overlooked for a less secure item. Thieves will most likely flee at the sound of any alarm. Also, the cable is specially designed to resist cutting or sawing and will ruin most cutting tools found in the average toolbox.

What makes the alarm sound? The cable has a special conductive central core that creates a "loop circuit" when the cable is locked into the main lock unit. Any action that breaks the "loop circuit" either permanently or momentarily will activate the alarm. Therefore, if used correctly, the alarm will only sound when one of the following occurs: (1) when the cable is cut (usually by 50% or more through), (2) when the cable end is pulled out of the lock hole (this requires a huge force!), (3) when an attempt is made to force open the main unit. It is important to understand that Lock-Alarm are NOT motion sensitive (which means NO "false" alarms!) so accidental knocks from passers-by, windy conditions, movement caused in transit etc. should NOT cause the alarm to sound. Basically, if the alarm does sound then it means someone is forcefully attacking the cable or the main unit.

What about false alarms? If the product is functioning correctly and being used exactly as per the manufacturer’s instructions the alarm will ONLY sound if someone makes an attempt to cut the cable or compromise the product in a forceful way. None of the products are motion sensitive so accidental knocks from passers-by, windy conditions; movement caused in transit etc. should NOT cause the alarm to sound.

How long does the battery last? A high power alkaline 9V battery is required. Typically, under average usage, this will last 6 - 12 months. The alarm can be tested at any time by turning the key in the lock without inserting the cable end in the lock hole. The battery only powers the alarm and does not affect the locking mechanism which is totally mechanical so the lock will still lock and unlock even if the battery is dead. The unit's LED flashes when the alarm is set, but stops flashing if the battery needs replacing.



14 x 7.5 x 5cm



Cable Length

2.4m (8ft)


1x 9V (not included)

Alarm Volume




  • Flashing LED to deter thieves.

  • Battery fits inside a tamper proof compartment.

  • Wall Bracket enables main lock unit to be mounted to any flat surface.

Product Dimensions
Person Size
Width: 75mm
Length: 140mm
Height: 50mm
Product Reviews

lock alarm

27 February 2019
great service arrived wednesday 27th will buy from you again

Lock alarm

9 June 2017
Easy to order. Prompt delivery

lock alarm

23 September 2015
Product is good.Thank you

Great Tool to secure items.

11 November 2013
I purchased thus item after experiencing its use whilst away with friends caravanning. Such a great tool to secure items like Satellite Dish, Generator, Engel Fridge etc. Should keep the thieves honest? Have already recommended to other friends as well as some retailers that were not aware of its existence Peter Perth WA

2.4m Lock Alarm

1 September 2012
Simple to set up , simple to use , highly effective .