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Just when you thought campfire sing-a-long's couldn't get any better, the Australian Direct Karaoke Microphone arrived! With bluetooth connectivity, duet mode and echo options, this sleek black microphone is a must-have for your next camping trip.

Simply connect to your phone via Bluetooth search the name of your favourite song on YouTube and add Karaoke to the search term, adjust the echo and sing your heart out.


  • Built in rechargable battery
  • Connect two units together for Duet Mode
  • High Pitch Voice Mode, if the song is too high for you to sing try this clever mode


1 x BLACK Microphone
1 x Micro-USB to USB cable
1 x Micro-USB to AUX cable
1 x Manual

How To Use It:

Duet Mode:

  1. Turn Both microphones ON
  2. Hold the DUET button on microphone #1 until a beep is heard
  3. Hold the DUET button on microphone #2 until a beep is heard
  4. Pair your mobile to the microphone and play music


  1. (Power) Press the power button for 3 seconds to turn the microphone ON or OFF.
  2. (Play/Pause) Press the power button for 1 second to Play or Pause
  3. (Echo) Slide the knob up or down to adjust the echo function
  4. (Volume/Skip) Hold the Button to turn up the volume or press to skip backwards a song
  5. (Volume/Skip) Hold the Button to turn down the volume or press to skip forwards a song
  6. (Duet Mode/Microphone) Hold button for 2 seconds (or until beep is heard) to turn ON or OFF Duet mode or press to turn microphone ON or OFF


  1. To connect Bluetooth: Turn ON the microphone, search “E108” on your mobile and pair. Once connected you will hear “Bluetooth Mode”.
    (If asked for a code when pairing please input “0000”)
  2. Slide Echo knob until desired amount of echo is reached
  3. Enjoy!

Auxiliary Input:

  1. To connect Aux: Turn ON the microphone, plug Micro-USB to AUX cable into microphone and mobile.
  2. Play music from mobile
  3. Slide Echo knob until desired amount of echo is reached
  4. Enjoy!

Connection Options:

  1. Micro-Usb Port: The Micro-USB port allows for charging of the microphone with the supplied cable and connection of the microphone to your mobile.
  2. 3.5mm Audio Jack: This jack allows for connection to a speaker or earphones.
  3. USB Port: This port allows for music to be played off of a USB device.


  1. Microphone will turn off when battery is low
  2. Connect Micro-USB to USB cable to microphone
  3. Plug USB end of cable in to power source
  4. Red light will flash when charging
  5. Charging will take 8 hours, when done the red light will turn off

Capacitive Audio Monitoring
Output: 5W*2 (Speakers)
Frequency Range: 100HZ-10KHZ
SPL: >115dB  1KHz  THD<1%
Reverberation: Echo
Battery Type: Built in Lithium Ion battery
Battery Capacity: 2200mAh
Charge Voltage: DC 5V
Temperature: -10C - 45C
Battery Life: 5-8 Hours
Charge Time: 8 Hours





Power light is OFF

1.Low battery

2.Loose USB cable


2.Reconnect cable

Voice not coming through microphone

1.Power is OFF

2. Microphone is turned OFF

1.Press Power button to turn ON

2.Press Microphone button to turn ON

No Echo

Echo Slider OFF

Move Echo slider up

Humming from speakers

1.Signal Interference

2.Background noise

1.Move mobile/ other microphone away from microphone

2.Use in quiet place

Music Stops

1.BT distance limit reached

2.BT interrupted (Barrier, Walls)

3.Mobile or Microphone out of battery/OFF

1.Move closer to BT source

2.Move closer to BT source

3.Charge mobile or microphone

Music is quiet

1.Mobile volume set low

2.Music File is quiet

1.Turn volume up

2.Obtain new music file

BT won’t connect

1.BT distance limit reached

2.BT interrupted (Barrier, Walls)

3.Microphone is connected to another mobile

1.Move closer to BT source

2.Move closer to BT source

3.Disconnect other mobile

Music is distorted

1.Music too loud

2.Low battery

1.Turn music down

2.Charge microphone

Product Dimensions
Person Size
Width: 85mm
Length: 70mm
Height: 260mm
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