About Us

Australian Direct and I are about providing quality products and advice in a world of avid campers, appreciating Australia and all its treasures as much as we do.

Starting from the back of my van ten years ago, Australian Direct was brought to life while I was busy preparing for my next trip around Australia. I started off with a vehicle hot water system, a portable fridge, a dual battery system and the rest is history.

Alongside my team at Australian Direct, we've developed the 'outback proof' brand, KICKASS®. With a full range of 12v fridges, dual battery system, solar panels and other 12v appliances, our products are renowned for high quality and usability. Something that we know all campers appreciate.

We've grown significantly in the past ten years and now boast a full team of customer service experts, ready to assist you with any pre-sale, after-sale and technical support you need. Our aim is to provide you with an easy-to-use service with skilled and experienced team members that pride themselves on going above and beyond to assist you with a customised 12v setup.


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Sunshine Coast QLD

Affordable, Reliable & Durable Gear
Designed For Use With Caravans And Camping In Australian Conditions
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