Australian Direct Warranty



Australian Direct sells hundreds of products. We have included the warranty terms specific to each product within their own product listing pages. Please check these pages for warranty details. Should you have questions concerning a specific product, contact us at:  07 3123 4715 or email


Many of the products that Australian Direct sells are shipped directly from our suppliers / manufacturers premises. Many of the warranties for the products we sell are handled by the manufacturers, as they have specialist teams dedicated to their own products to help you. They can also direct you to the closest service agent who can inspect, service, or diagnose and repair any faults that may be required in order to get your product working again.

Contact details are usually supplied with the products themselves (e.g. in the owner's manual). If you did not receive this information with your order please contact us on 07 3123 4715 or email and we will arrange to have this information sent out for you. We will refer you to the appropriate destination when you contact us.


If you would like to contact a manufacturer yourself, here is a list of common manufacturers and their contact information:

Australian Direct
Call 07 3123 4715
Call 07 5492 7777
Home of 12Volt
Blue Apple
Call 08 8391 3121
Matson Automotive
Klamp It
Call 02 9833 3444
MSA 4x4
Call 07 5665 7555
Call 07 3348 8082
Power Hunt
Call 02 9579 1832
Aus J Imports
Call 041 9993 042
Adventure Videos
Call 041 1343 104
Camps Australia
Call 07 5474 2542
Helton Heat Exchangers
Call 07 4627 2477
Campers Comfort
Call 03 5456 3408
Call 1300 789 908
Cgear Australia
Call 03 9645 4447
Call 02 9728 9111

Please note that if you have ordered multiple items from our website, your order may arrive in separate deliveries on different days, as they may have originated from different suppliers or  manufacturers.


In order for our Suppliers Service Departments to assist you quickly in the case of a claim, please have your original order or tax invoice number on hand when you call. If you do not have one please contact Australian Direct on (07) 3123 4715 and we will email you a copy if necessary.


Items that are Dead-On-Arrival, or DOA

For any product that is received that is found to not function at all (i.e. be dead-on-arrival) within 1-2 weeks of receiving the product, we will replace the product for free.

After this time, you may contact Australian Direct to find out if we will replace or repair the product.

Should you have any questions about the warranty conditions, contact Australian Direct at:


Warranty Conditions

Australian Law

The Australian Direct warranty for all products is provided in addition to the other rights held by a consumer under Australian Law.

Under these laws you are entitled, as a consumer, to a replacement or refund if a product does not perform as it was advertised to, and for compensation of reasonable damages or losses incurred. You are also entitled to product replacement or repair if the products are deemed to not be usable or failure does not result in completely non-usable products.


Other Conditions

  • The first date of purchase is when the warranty period begins. Warranty periods will NOT be renewed or extended after a product repair or replacement.
  • You must produce the sales receipt of the product as proof of purchase when a warranty claim is made, otherwise, Australian Direct holds no liability to replace or repair a product.
  • Warranties are only offered to the original end user of the Australian Direct product. Warrnties are not transferable to another party.
  • Warranty terms only apply to products purchased directly though Australian Direct or authorised resellers.


Warranty Exclusions
Conditions and warranties are excluded to the extent that they are permitted by law. The warranty conditions set out by Australian Direct are considered null and void if a defect, malfunction, or failure is caused by:

  • Negligence in following proper product installation, operation, or repair/maintenance instructions/protocols.
  • Use of a product for purposes other than those it was created or designed for.
  • Neglect, poor handling, and/or accidental damage.
  • Third-party alterations, repairs, and “mods”/modifications without the expressed written permission by Australian Direct.
  • Tampering or variations to product markings and labelling (e.g. warranty stickers, serial numbers, etc.).
  • Contaminations of products by foreign matter, foreign material, or other products.
  • Incorrect charging methods, such as overcharging and undercharging.


Costs Not Included Within The Australian Direct Warranty

  • Labour costs.
  • Transit costs (if the product must be sent back to Australian Direct).
  • Normal maintenance costs associated with product use.


Other Non-Included Warranty Items

  • Any property or personal damage/injury, direct/indirect loss, consequential losses, and supplementary expenses are excluded to the extent that they are permitted by law.
  • Changes in product condition or operational ability resulting from incorrect storage, fitting, application, maintenance, environment, or others as described and permitted by law.
  • Extreme weather conditions.


Submitting A Warranty Claim

Follow these steps to submit a claim:

  1. Contact Australian Direct either by phone at (07) 3123 4715 or e-mail ( and give all the details you can as to the nature of the product not working.
  2. We will try to confirm whether the product is defective through simple testing. However in certain situations, you may be required to send the product to us at your own cost for in depth testing and analysis.
  3. Once the item has been confirmed to indeed be defective, it will be repaired or replaced under the warranty terms above. You may incur pro rata warranty, transport, or other fees which will be detailed to you by Australian Direct.
  4. If you sent the product to us and it is deemed to be functional, you have the choice to have the product returned to you at your own cost.