CGear Multimat Review: Tried and Tested

Tried and tested by our very own Australian Direct Team. CGear Multimat's ROCK!

The CGear multimats boast UV stabilized materials that allow sand and dirt to fall readily through, no rot or mould guarantee, any liquid spills will fall straight through the mat, won’t kill the grass underneath, can be double as a windbreak and that at the end of its lifetime, you can recycle it too!

So, we put it to the test, like any trusty Australian company would - and what better place for it than Double Island in the Cooloola Recreational Park! For those of you that have never visited Double Island, it’s a smaller version of Fraser Island (made from sand!!)

We laid the mat down on Friday afternoon and set up our table, camp chairs and gazebo on top of it for a comfy spot to relax in the shade. Setting up camp is never a clean and tidy task, so a fair amount of sand was flung around and to our surprise, the mat was still as clean as the moment we put it down. 

The bottom of the mat is a bright green colour while the top is a darker grey - I thought the grey would heat up a lot in the sun (we took the 6m x 2.4m so there was a fair bit of overhang outside the gazebo/awnings) but was totally surprised to get up to a blaring sunny morning the next day and the mat still be a comfortable temperature to walk on!

Shortly before we left for a day trip up to the point, a short shower swept through and poured all over our gear. Though wet sand sticks to your feet like a piece of gum on the footpath, a fair amount of that sand fell straight through the mat and once the remaining chunks of wet sand dried, they disappeared too.

cgear multi mat

Here’s how clean our CGEAR multimat was after two and a half days on a SANDY BEACH...

… AMAZING right?! 

We were so stoked with our CGEAR multimat, we were the only campers that got to hop into their swag with clean feet thats for sure!! Quality and performance is a solid 10/10!


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