Why choose an EvaKool Fridge over Engel or Waeco?

Main differences between EvaKool and the Waeco and Engel fridges. Due to so many customers calling me and asking this question I decided to write an article for everybody pointing out the main differences between EvaKool and the Waeco and Engel fridges.

1. The first difference you will notice when you compare and EvaKool Fridge to an Engel or a Waeco is the fact that EvaKool Fridges do not need insulating covers;  this is because they are designed from the ground up from an IceBox that is built to hold ice from 5-7 days!
Waeco & Engel on the other hand are barely insulated at all as they were originally built for use in Europe where high temperatures are not a concern this is why Waeco & Engel need to have insulating covers or carry bags this is the way they attempt to offset the lack of insulation in the Australian climate. The better the insulation the less the compressor needs to run and the less the compressor runs the more battery power you save.
2. You will notice that Waeco & Engel have the Compressor assembly under the fridge. 
As you will know, heat rises, which means the heat that is generated from the compressor operating rises up into the fridge cabinet making the Engel & Waeco units work against themselves consuming more power from your valuable battery system.
EvaKool on the other hand have placed the Compressor unit on the outside of the Fridge venting all of the heat away from the cabinet and providing a massive reduction in power consumption when compared to Waeco and Engel. If you would like to get an understanding of the heat generated try putting your hand to the rear of your fridge at home!
3. Being huge multinational companies with money to spend Engel & Waeco have put millions of dollars advertising into almost every 4wd, Caravan & Camping Magazine & TV Show in existence which has imbedded their brands into the brains of consumers leading them to think they are the only option and they need look no further. Many people buying a new Portable Fridge immediately think of Engel & Waeco as this is what they know.
People like yourself, who read articles such as this, search the internet and online forums to discover that there are other choices available to them apart from Engel & Waeco Online reviews and forums clearly show that EvaKool Portable Fridges are highly regarded by serious campers. 
Evakool thrives on word of mouth because they know full well that campers and caravanners love to get together for a drink and a chat and most of these drinks are taken from a portable fridge.
EvaKool are 100% Australian Owned while Waeco & Engel are not. 
Evakool have service agents all over Australia even in the more remote locations which gives added security that in the unlikely event of the fridge needing service while you are travelling they can get you back on the road in no time. 
Article written by Klaeton Sheehan founder of www.australiandirect.com.au
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