Portable Fridge Power Consumption Guide

Determine how long your Portable Fridge will run off a Deep Cycle Battery This guide will help you determine how much power your Portable Fridge will consume and how long it will last on a 12v battery.

Determining how much power your Evakool fridge will use.

This is a very tricky situation to estimate without actually using your portable fridge and testing with a multimeter.


  • How much power a fridge consumes depends on a variety of factors.
  • Ambient Temperature
  • How much produce is in your Evakool fridge
  • Temperature settings you have set your camping fridge on
  • Where you have your fridge situated/installed
  • How many times the fridge is opened
  • The size of the compressor in your Evakool fridge
  • Which model of Evakool portable fridge you have purchased
  • The size of your Evakool fridge, ie 30L, 40L, 50L, 110L ect.

The compressors on Evakool portable fridges do not run all the time. The motor will only run to bring the fridge temperature back down to the desired temperature range as set by the thermostat on your fridge. Rather than look at the actual current draw of the compressor as power consumption, you need to look at an average for say a 24 hour period.

As a very rough rule, in most standard operating conditions, compressors on Evakool 12v camping fridges will cycle around 50% of the time. Obviously this percentage will go up and down due to the above factors.

For an example: Estimating an average from just the current draw of your Evakool portable fridge, and not taking into account any of the above factors. If the current draw of your Evakool Fibreglass 110L fridge/freezer is 5 Amps (60 Watts) while the compressor is running, then on a average day cycling 50% of the time you would be consuming approx 60 amps (720 Watts). ((5A x 50%) x 24hrs = 60 amps)

In many smaller sized Evakool fridges up to 50L cycle time can be as low as 20%, and in larger Upright Fridge/freezer models, can be up to 80%, once again depending on factors above.

How long will it run on a battery for?

Batteries have capacity ratings in 'Amp Hours' (Ah). An average size deep cycle battery is around 100ah. What this means is that it will delivery 1amp per hour for up to 100hrs, or 100amps for 1 hr.

In Reality... you cannot get 100% capacity from any battery. In most instances a deep cycle battery needs recharging once it is down to 80% capacity. A car starting battery is 'Flat' once it has exhausted about 20-30%.

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So, a deep cycle battery that is rated at 100ah can realistically delivery around 80ah before it needs to be recharged. Discharging a battery below this percentage can drastically reduce the life span of your deep cycle battery.

So we have determined that we have 80ah of battery capacity and our Evakool 31L Portable fridge uses an average of 1 amp per hour, so you can reliably run this fridge for approx 80hrs without needing to recharge your battery, or without causing any damage to your battery. If your Evakool fridge draws an average of 2 Amps per hour, then your fridge would run for approx 40hrs (80ah / 2amps = 40 hrs).