Kickass' New Line Of Solar Backpacks, Power Banks, And Foldable Solar Panels For Hiking And Camping

They're finally here! Kickass' solar backpacks, power banks, and foldable solar panels.


Why We Started Stocking These For You, And What Are They?

Camping and hiking are great, but when your gear goes flat it can be a real pain.

Looking to get that great shot of the outback? Nope, your camera is dead. What about an emergency or important phone call? Too bad – your phone has no battery.

With the new Kickass line, you'll be able to directly plug in all of your USB devices and charge them.

Forget carrying around bulky equipment – you don't want that when you're trying to be on the go, and especially not on your back while hiking or biking.

And I'm sure you'd prefer not having to stop the hike just to charge some gear, so why not do it while you explore and adventure? You'll have your gear ready when you need it!

You can look at some of what we have in the store over here.

Let's Explore each of these products:

Solar Backpacks

Solar backpacks are just like regular backpacks you might buy in a shop, except each one has a set of solar panels included that can charge all your USB devices like your phone, camera, or iPad directly.

Top Features

You can buy different sizes with different details
We've got ones that are made for day hiking, zip into a foldable pocket, and ones with hydration packs for biking too. We know it'd be annoying to have a heavy hiker when you're biking around the city, so we've stocked many options for you. Just choose the best one that suits your lifestyle.

All bags come with power banks
Just because the bags use solar panels doesn't mean you can't charge your gear at night. Extra energy not used for charging during the day gets stored in the included power banks with your bags so you can charge your gear, even when the sun goes down!

Included removable solar charger (no need to buy anything extra for charging)
Take the solar charger and panel off the bag and put it wherever you want. You've got versatility and freedom. They don't need to stay with the bag, so you can leave it at home or at the campsite charging some gear if you need to.

Each one has different features, check them out to learn more!
All of our bags have their own special features. Follow the links to check out the hydration bag on our biker, our ultra-portable hiker that folds neatly into a zippered pocket, and the massive storage space and included battery bank on our day hiker.

You can browse our entire selection for you over at the store

Power Banks

The power banks are rugged, tough, and directly charge your USB devices. We've got a 5,000 version here and a 10,000mah one here. The 10,000mah is completely waterproof - no worries about rain leaving your gear flat.

Top Features

Power banks are dust/shock-proof and rubber-coated, with an Ingress Protection Rating of IP65
Tired about worrying if your gear is too delicate to bring on rugged trips? That's not a problem here. Take the bank in any outback weather conditions – it's built tough for you.

Direct USB port charging
Forget carrying extra bulky wall- and battery-charging adaptors, nobody wants to do that. All you need is the included USB cable. Charge your USB devices (iPhones, Samsung, iPads, tablets,...) directly with the bank's USB input.

Power banks use long lasting A-grade Li-ON batteries
You don't want to have to constantly replace your gear – it's annoying and costly. The long lasting Li-ON batteries of the power banks can reach at least 500 charge/discharge cycles. When you buy your bank, you can be sure it will give you prime power output for a long time.

Check the power banks out over at the store.

Foldable Solar Panels

Finally, there's the foldable solar panels. These are really cool...

They fold like a book and are roughly the same size as one, but you can plug your camera or anything else into the USB ports and charge it at a café or while out at the campsite.

It comes with a stand and it magnetically closes so you can align the panels with the sun's rays and you don't have to worry about your cells getting scratched. You can also charge two of your USB devices at once so you can get everything up and running again quicker – there's no waiting to charge separate devices.

Top Features

Extremely lightweight
Nobody wants to lug heavy, bulky gear around during the day, especially not while hiking. The panels weigh in at half the weight of most other 13W options, at a single pound. Take some stress off of your shoulders.

Folding book design with magnets included keep the panels safe
Your solar panel folds like a book so it's super portable and your panels stay protected from scratches. No loss of efficiency or power production here. Keep your panels in great shape.

Support stand for positioning
Get the maximum power you can and charge your devices up faster. Change the angle of your solar panel to be right in line with the sun's rays.

Want to learn more about these? Just click here!

With Kickass' new line of solar backpacks, power banks, and foldable solar panels, you never have to think about being dead in the water or outback again – you'll always be charged up and ready to go.

Browse the Australian Direct store now to see which can help you out the most and to watch a demonstration video.