KICKASS Watt Meter with Anderson Connectors

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Product Description

^DD7A2A78EDC1E062725C0842C550FCC8FCB2C872876B132BB1^pimgpsh_thumbnail_win_distr.jpg Watt & Power Meter for Use with Solar Panels^DD7A2A78EDC1E062725C0842C550FCC8FCB2C872876B132BB1^pimgpsh_thumbnail_win_distr.jpg


This simple yet extremely handy device gives a digital display of exactly how much charge your panels are actually producing. It has been difficult to measure this without special equipment or expert knowledge - until now!

The device is easily installed and provides you with all the key ratings of your solar panels in real time.This is a perfect companion to our range of KickAss Portable Solar Panels but can be used with any type of solar panel as well.

Installation is easy - the watt meter has two Anderson plugs, and is installed in-line between your solar regulator and batteries/load.

Simply connect the solar panel regulator's output to the "source" side of the watt meter and connect the battery/load cabling to the "load" side. Once there is power flowing through, the device will initialise and show you a full range of ratings including:

  • Current (Amps/A) at the present moment

  • Voltage (Volts/V) at the present moment

  • Power (Watts/W) at the present moment

  • Total Amps (Amp hours/Ah) since device initialised

  • Total Power (Watt hours/Wh) since device initialised

  • Highest Voltage Maximum (Vm) since device initialised

  • Highest Power Peak (Watt Peak/Wp) since device initialised

  • Highest Current Peak (Amp Peak/Ap) since device initialised

^DD7A2A78EDC1E062725C0842C550FCC8FCB2C872876B132BB1^pimgpsh_thumbnail_win_distr.jpg The Solar Watt Meter only requires a tiny 7mA draw to operate so there will be no significant reduction in your power production during usage.


Specifications & Dimensions

  • Operating Voltage : 0-60V DC
  • Current : 0-100A Intermittent / 50A Continuous
  • Temperature Range : 0-50°C ambient air temperature.
  • Measurement Update Period : 400mS
  • Data Queue Sequence Time : 400mS
  • In Circuit Resistance : 0.001 Ohms
  • Operation Current : 7mA
  • Auxiliary Power Voltage : 4-60V DC
  • Case Dimensions : 84 x 43 x 25mm (L x W x D)
  • Weight : 140g
  • Display : 16 character x 2 row STN LCD


Measurement Parameters:






0-60V DC



0-100A Peak











Item Scale

The below diagram is designed to give you an idea of how large this item is in relation to an average size adult man.

Item Dimensions

Width: 2cm
Length: 8.4cm
Height: 5cm
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