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KickAss ULTRALIGHT 250W Solar Panel Only

STOP: Before you read this product description you must watch the Demonstration Video where we explain everything about these panels.


Two years of extensive research, design and testing by Klaeton & the KickAss Team, has resulted in the all new, Ultra­Light Portable Solar Panel Range. Made for those who want the best of the best and with that in mind there has been no expense spared in their design or manufacture.

Why should you buy a KickAss Ultra­Light Portable Solar Panel?

  • Weight and space is important to you.
  • You want the highest yield from the sun you can get.
  • You want to run your 12v fridge + accessories and free camp.
  • You want a leg/support system that is adjustable and stable on all surfaces.

What are the main features?

  • We will list the main features here but please WATCH THE VIDEO FOR A FULL DEMONSTRATION.
  • Ultralight, compact design compared to traditional glass/aluminium panels.
  • Available in 150w and 250w ­ (power 12v fridges: up to 210 litres with the 250W model).
  • Sturdy stainless steel legs designed to be stable and adjustable on all surfaces.
  • High output ‘Sunpower’ solar cells ­ just google ‘Sunpower Solar’ to learn why they are awesome.
  • Windproof due to tie­down points and included KickAss panel pegs.
  • High quality carry bag with YKK zips.
  • Purchase as a kit with everything included or buy it on its own.
  • UV stabilised and weather resistant, can be left in the rain.
  • Anderson style cable connection

What cells do you use?

As we said there are no expenses spared so KickAss Ultralight Panels are built with Sunpower Solar Cells! “SUNPOWER” are world famous producing extremely high efficiency solar cells with excellent shade tolerance. We will not try to convince you  so why not google ‘Sunpower Solar’ and convince yourself.

Here are two links to get you started:

Facts About Solar Technology From Sunpower­-panels-­technology/facts/

Sunpower Cells on Wikipedia

How about the surface of the panels and why are they so dark?

The non­reflective surface used to cover the ‘Sunpower’ cells is designed to minimize light reflection which allows them to absorb the maximum amount of the sun's light energy.

Why is your leg/support system so special?

Designing a lightweight panel that was stable on sand and hard surfaces proved to be the biggest challenge for Klaeton and the team at KickAss. The innovative support legs made from marine grade 316 stainless steel ensures that your panel stays in position while the adjustable leg straps will keep your panel fixed at the optimum angle to capture the sun. In high wind situations you can secure your panel with the included KickAss Panel Pegs. WATCH THE DEMONSTRATION VIDEO TO LEARN MORE.

Are the panels weather and water resistant?

The panels are made from UV stabilised materials and are built to withstand rain and the sun's rays but common sense should prevail and one should take into account that these panels are lightweight and made of fabric which means they should not be installed in situations where they will be left outside all year round. If you are looking for panels that can be left in the weather permanently the standard KickAss Aluminium and Glass panels should be used.

Do they come with a solar controller/ regulator and cables?

We have decided to offer the Ultra­Light panels in a variety of configurations:

1. With waterproof PWM solar controller and full cable kit for easy installation.
2. With premium MPPT solar controller and full cable kit for easy installation.
3. Solar panel only for those who already have a regulator or DC­DC Charger with a solar input.


What devices can I run from them?

Firstly, you do not run anything directly from the panels, the panels need to be connected to a battery to operate.

Based on a battery system with at least a 100 amp hour a rule of thumb would be as follows:

A system consisting of a 12v Fridge up to 60 litre and the occasional use of lights, television, laptop, pumps and other similar items would be suited to a 150w panel.

A system consisting of a 12v Fridge up to 150 litres and the occasional use of lights, television, laptop, pumps and other similar items would be suited to a 250w panel.

It is worth noting that the folded dimensions of the 250w is not significantly larger than the 150w so you can always just get the 250w and go for the overkill approach (­:

Does it come with a carry bag? Can I carry it easily?

Yes it comes with a KickAss Bag which is built to the same standard as a quality backpack and features quality YKK zips. KickAss hates cheap zips!

What are the weights and dimensions fo the KickAss ultralight panels?

Weights - 150W:
Without carry bag, just 4.73Kg
With carry bag, just 6.53Kg

Dimensions - 150W:
Folded: Length: 57cm Width: 2.5cm Height: 54.5cm
Unfolded: Length: 169cm Width: 2.5cm Height:: 57cm

Weights - 250W:
Without carry bag, just 7.82Kg
With carry bag, just 10.06Kg

Dimensions - 250W:
Folded: Length: 57cm Width: 3.5cm Height: 56.5cm
Unfolded: Length: 284.5cm Width: 3.5cm Height 57cm

What is the maximum output of the panels?

Theoretically, it is possible to get close to 8 amps per hour from a 150w and 12 amps from the 250w but to be realistic the maximum output that any solar panel can produce is governed by many factors such as temperature, available light and the state of charge of the batteries connected to it. We will not try to dazzle you with sales based figures that are unrealistic but we will reiterate that these panels are built with of the line ‘Sunpower Cells’ which means YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!

Make sure you visit our YouTube page to learn more.

The KAUL250W kit Includes:
1 x Ultralight weight 250W folding solar panel
8 x Panel pegs with pouch
1 x Kickass carry bag with YKK zips and carry strap

Note: This kit does not inlcude a solar regulator or any cables. It is the ideal kit if you already have a solar regulator for your setup. As the KickAss ultralight weight portable panels have the heavy duty Anderson style connector, you may also need to purchase and Anderson style extention lead for easy connection from the panel to your regulator.

For 250W panel kits with this panel that do inlcude solar regulators and all of the cables see the links below:

KAUL250WPWMPACK -  250W Ultralight Panel with standard 10A PWM solar controller & cable pack

KAUL250WMPPTPACK -  250W Ultralight Panel with premium 10A MPPT solar controller & cable pack

For our 150W ultralight panel options, see the links below:

KAUL150W - Panel only

KAUL150WPWMPACK -  150W Ultralight Panel with standard 10A PWM solar controller & cable pack

KAUL150WMPPTPACK -  150W Ultralight Panel with premium 10A MPPT solar controller & cable pack

Specifications & Dimensions


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