Kickass 12V Battery Box With Integrated DC-DC / MPPT Charger

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Product Description


The all new KickAss Ultimate Battery Box is a breakthrough design providing and all in one plug and play solution for providing auxiliary power outlets, charging and isolation of your 12 volt deep cycle batteries. Featuring an advanced built in and ultra powerful 25 Amp 3 Stage DC-DC Charger / Isolator system, the  Ultimate Battery Box is able to correctly charge a variety of battery types including AGM from multiple sources. Charging can be either from the vehicle as well as solar panels or separate DC sources and impressively they can charge all at the same time!

For solar charging an inbuilt MPPT regulator is built in for maximum efficiency. All of the charging sources can be easily connected to the Ultimate Battery Box by the 50A Anderson style battery connector points, making it truly plug and play, no complicated wiring is required, all you have to do is purchase a KickAss 12 Volt 120AH KA12120 battery and install it into the box!

Another great and equally important feature of the Ultimate Battery Box is its built in battery isolation technology. This fantastic feature will automatically ensure your vehicle's start battery is fully disconnected from the Ultimate Battery Box when your the engine is off an not charging. This means that the Ultimate Battery Box will never drain your start battery when the vehicle is not running.

The Ultimate Battery Box is also packed full of standard and heavy duty power outlets to cater for for everything from charging your phone or digital camera, to powering your fridge or higher current devices (see the specifications tab for a full listing of all the included outlets). It even includes a LED display volt meter so you can easily check your battery charge at the push of a button.


  • Breakthrough plug and play design - no complicated wiring required
  • Built in isolator for dual battery setups
  • Advanced 3 Stage DC/DC charger incorporated suited to keep AGM batteries in top condition
  • Built in solar regulator with MPPT
  • Charge from multiple DC sources
  • Strong, sturdy design
  • Multiple power outlets to cater for a wide range of low voltage equipment
  • Integrated LED Volt Meter

NOTE:  Battery NOT included, a battery will need to be purchased separately. We recommend a KA12120 - 120AH KICKASS AGM Battery which will work perfectly.

Specifications & Dimensions

Main Box Specifications  
Standard Power Outlets 2 x Marine grade Cigarette type socket 16 Amp Rated
1 x Merit type socket - rated to 15 Amps
1 x Dual USB type outlet - rated to 2.1 Amps at 5 Volt 
High Current Power Outlets  2 x 50 Amp Anderson Style Connectros
Display LED Volt Meter with Push Button
Protection 1 x 30A Auto Reset Circuit Breacker for Power Ports
1 x 50A Auto Reset Circuit Breaker fo High Current Ports
Ultimate Battery Box Dimensions (Internal) 335 x 190 x 225mm LxWxH
Ultimate Battery Box Dimensions (External) 423 x 273  x 313mm (LxWxH)
Ulitmate Battery Box Weight 2.5Kg
DC-DC Charger / Isolator Specifications  
Input Voltage (Alternator Anderson Connector) 9-32V DC
Maximum Solar Input Voltage (Solar Anderson Connector) 23V DC
Maximum Input Current 40A
Input Current - No Load 20mA
Back Drain on Aux Battery  9.5-10.5mA
External LED Output Constant Current 4mA
Maximum Output Current 9-11V DC 20A
Maximum Output Current 11-32V DC 25A
Input Fuse Rating 50A Not Supplied
Maximum Output Power 50A Not Supplied
Solar Input Turn On Voltage 9V
Operating Temperature -10 to +80 Degrees C
Supported Batteries GEL, AGM, WET, CALCIUM
Standards (DC/DC Charger) C-Tick, ANNAS CISPR11:2011 Class B
IP Rating (DC/DC Charger) IP67



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