KICKASS DC-DC/MPPT Solar Charger Box & 120Ah AGM Battery

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Product Description


This is a great battery pack kit for those who are looking for an easy plug and play, portable solution for adding a battery to your vehicle, trailer or caravan! It includes full battery isolation, whooping 25Amp DC-DC charger, and even an in-built MMPT regulator for connection to solar panels! Whats more our KickAss 12 Volt 120AH AGM battery is included! 


  • Breakthrough Plug and Play Design - no complicated wiring required!
  • Built-in Isolator for dual battery setups
  • Advanced 3-Stage DC/DC charger incorporated suited to keep AGM batteries in top condition
  • Built-in Solar Regulator with MPPT
  • Charge from Multiple DC Sources
  • Strong and Sturdy Design
  • Multiple Power Outlets to cater a wide range of low voltage equipment
  • Integrated LED Volt Meter
  • Included 12 Volt 120AH KickAss AGM Battery

All-in-one AGM battery system kit.

See full details of each product included in our starter kit below: 

KICKASS 12V Battery Box With DC-DC / MPPT Solar Charger

KICKASS 12 Volt 120Ah Deep Cycle AGM Battery


Specifications & Dimensions

Main Box Specifications  
Standard Power Outlets 2 x Marine-grade Cigarette type socket 16 Amp Rated
1 x Merit type socket - rated to 15 Amps
1 x Dual USB type outlet - rated to 2.1 Amps at 5 Volt 
High Current Power Outlets  2 x 50 Amp Anderson Style Connectros
Display LED Volt Meter with Push Button
Protection 1 x 30A Auto Reset Circuit Breacker for Power Ports
1 x 50A Auto Reset Circuit Breaker fo High Current Ports
Ultimate Battery Box Dimensions (Internal) 330 x 175 x 225mm L x W x H
Ultimate Battery Box Dimensions (External) 423 x 273  x 313mm (L x W x H)
Ulitmate Battery Box Weight 2.5Kg
DC-DC Charger / Isolator Specifications  
Input Voltage (Alternator Anderson Connector) 9-32V DC
Maximum Solar Input Voltage (Solar Anderson Connector) 23V DC
Maximum Input Current 40A
Input Current - No Load 20mA
Back Drain on Aux Battery  9.5-10.5mA
External LED Output Constant Current 4mA
Maximum Output Current 9-11V DC 20A
Maximum Output Current 11-32V DC 25A
Input Fuse Rating 50A Not Supplied
Maximum Output Power 50A Not Supplied
Solar Input Turn On Voltage 9V
Operating Temperature -10 to +80 Degrees C
Supported Batteries GEL, AGM, WET, CALCIUM
Standards (DC/DC Charger) C-Tick, ANNAS CISPR11:2011 Class B
IP Rating (DC/DC Charger) IP67


Item Scale

The below diagram is designed to give you an idea of how large this item is in relation to an average size adult man.

Item Dimensions

Width: 26cm
Length: 42cm
Height: 38cm
Person Size


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