KickAss 71L 12v Dual Zone Camping Fridge & Freezer Wifi

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Product Description

KickAss 71L 12v Dual Zone Portable Camping Fridge & Freezer Wifi

Description Overview:
KickAss have taken a long hard look at all of the fridges in the market and designed a range of DC fridges that are packed with features that simply make sense and backed up by a huge 5 year warranty. Make sure you watch the video here or if you are a reader check out the information below:

The Range:
KickAss fridges come in Single and also Dual Zone models.

Single Zone units operate as fridge OR freezer but not both at the same time and are available in 45L 65L and 80L sizes
Dual Zone units have two compartments and operate as fridge AND freezer at the same time or can also operate as all fridge or all freezer and are available in 75L and 89L

These Features are the reason you will want to buy a KickAss Fridge:

Wifi Enabled - Control your fridge from your Iphone or Android Device
Download the Kickass App - Available from App Store and Google Play.
Set your fridges temprature directly from your smart phone.
Monitor fridge temprature and voltage.
Detailed graphing so the fridge data can be easily viewed, handy when troubleshooting.

World famous Danfoss Compressor (Secop)  - These compressors KickAss!
Danfoss were the most famous name in DC compressors in the world due to their amazing quality and reliability. Danfoss compressors are now manufactured by Secop which means it is the exact same compressor but now called Secop. In short, these compressors are top of the line in quality and performance which means we can provide you a comprehensive 5 Year Warranty on the compressor in your new KickAss Fridge. Read more here:

USB and 12v Power Output Panel - Power your appliances.
We have included a dual USB 2.1 amp outlet on the front of our KickAss fridges for charging your Smartphone, Tablet, Digital Camera or anything else that can be powered from 2.1 amp USB.

A 12V 10A cigarette socket is also included on the front panel so you can easily power other low voltage devices such as LED lighting kits, food sealers small inverters and more!
Note: The 12V 10A cigarette / accessories socket will only operate when the fridge is connected to a 12V power supply.

Electronic thermostat with digital display and soft touch control
Set and forget - KickAss fridges use precise electronic temperature control which ensures the temperature you set stays constant in the fridge.  The illuminated LED display panel shows the temperature setting at a glance and is easy to see, day or night. Soft touch control allows you to easily change the fridge setting with a few easy presses.

Low voltage battery protection - Protects your battery system
All KickAss fridges feature automatic low voltage shutdown protection saving your batteries from over-discharge. Three voltage levels can be selected on the control panel so the shutdown protection can be suited to your specific battery system.

Backed EvaKool - 5 Year Australia Wide Warranty
Kickass fridges have a 5 year warranty on everything! Buy with the confidence that you have EvaKool supporting you via it’s massive network of repairers Australia wide.

Thick Quality Insulation - Means massive power efficiency
If your house was perfectly insulated you would not need to run your air conditioner as often, it is the same with fridges, by having thick walls and quality insulation the internal temperature is maintained reducing the compressor run time and saving your precious battery power.

Additional stacking baskets means - Ultimate Food Organisation
Many fridges only have one basket making you have to dig for your food and possibly crushing what is at the bottom.  Kickass fridges have three baskets,  two  are stackable, allowing you to easily access your food and better organisation. 

Recessed Power Input Panel
Look carefully at NON KickAss fridges and you will see they have plugs that stick out from the body of the fridge making it easy to knock or permanently damage the fridge power lead, leaving you with an inoperable fridge and an order in with the supplier for a new lead which is hardly a suitable option when you are in the outback!

Anderson Style Plugs - The ultimate 12v connection
Lets face it cigarette plugs would have to be the most unreliable connection ever invented yet all 12v fridges on the market use them. This is why KickAss use Anderson compatible plugs which will ensure that your fridge has a secure and permanent electrical connection to its’ power source. Most importantly if you were to misplace or break your fridge power lead you can connect to it with any Anderson compatible connector.

Note: For those of you who already have a cigarette plug socket connection we have included a cigarette plug to anderson compatible adapter just in case.

12v/24v & Mains Power Operation - Run your fridge from DC and 240v Power
All KickAss fridges can be operated from DC power via the included 2 meter Anderson Compatible power lead or a Cigarette socket via the included  35CM Anderson style to Cigarette Adaptor or from a mains power point with the included 240v power cable.

Internal Lights - See what is in the fridge at night
All KickAss fridges come included with LED internal lights which turn on when the lid is opened.

Heavy-duty Handles - Carry and Tie your fridge down.
Each handle on the KickAss fridges can handle 110 KG which means it is not a problem to carry a fully loaded fridge also these handles are excellent tie down points to secure the fridge to a fridge slide or while in transit.

High Quality Protective Cover Included - Protect your investment and make it look even more KickAss
When shopping online for a fridge every seller claims to have a high quality bag but what you often get is a piece of junk manufactured at the lowest possible cost. KickAss use top of the line fabric and YKK zips which are the best available because everyone hates broken zips and ripped material. Don’t believe us check out our 30 day money back guarantee here or watch this video.

KickAss do not only make fridges they specialise in the complete Fridge and Power Solution
A major advantage with KickAss fridges is that KickAss make everything you need to go with them! From, Solar panels, batteries, portable power packs, chargers and adapters - all are designed to seamlessly integrate with KickAss fridges so you can be assured of full compatibility.

Watch the 1 hour long Ultimate Guide To Dual Battery Systems Video Here and learn everything you need to know about powering your new KickAss Fridge.

Specifications & Dimensions

External Dimensions (mm) 620L x 430W x 493H 620L x 430W x 634H 805L x 475W x 514H
(Including Latches and Hinges) 650L x 455W x 493H 660L x 455W x 630H 840L x 500W x 514H
Internal Dimensions (mm) 500L x 310W X 345H 500L x 310W x 490D 690L x 355W x 370D
Step Height (Compressor box) 125mm 265mm 145mm
Wall Thickness 70mm
Weight 29 kg 32 kg 34 kg
Capacity 45 Litres 67 Litres 81 Litres
Case Construction Powder Coated Steel
Voltage 12-24V or 240V
Compressor Dan Foss (Secop) BD35F
Approximate power consumption at 32°C ambient tempreature
(actual power consumption dependant on ambient temperature, fridge contents and fridge settings)
Power Use at 4°C 1.0 - 1.5 Amps/Hr 1.0 - 1.5 Amps/Hr 1.3 - 1.7 Amps/Hr
Power Use at -15°C 1.7 - 2.2 Amps/Hr 1.7 - 2.2 Amps/Hr 2.0 - 2.5 Amps/Hr
External Dimensions (mm) 805L x 475W x 514H 805L x 475W x 579H
(Including Latches and Hinges) 845L x 495W x 514H 840L x 505W x 579H
Internal Dimensions (mm)    
Large Compartment Deep 190L x 360W x 390D 380L x 350W x 440D
Large Compartment Step 195L x 360W x 170D 380L x 350W x 220D
Small Compartment 225L x 360W x 390D 225L x 350W x 440D
Wall Thickness 70mm
Weight 28 kg 35 kg
Capacity 75 Litres 89 Litres
Case Construction Powder Coated Steel
Voltage 12-24V or 240V
Compressor Dan Foss (Secop) DB50
Approximate power consumption at 32°C ambient tempreature
(actual power consumption dependant on ambient temperature, fridge contents and fridge settings)
Both Compartments 4°C 1.1 - 1.5 Amps/Hr 1.1 - 1.5 Amps/Hr
One Compartment 4°C
1.7 - 2.2 Amps/Hr
1.7 - 2.2 Amps/Hr
One Compartment at -15°C
Both Compartments at - 15°C 2.5 - 2.8 Amps/Hr 2.5 - 2.8 Amps/Hr




Features And Benefits
World Famous Dan Foss Compressors (Secop)
5 year Australia Wide Warranty Backed by EvaKool
Anderson Style Power Input Plug
Thick Quality Insulation
Electronic Thermostat with Soft Touch
Heavy Duty Handles, Hinges & Latches
Additional Stacking Baskets
12, 24 & 240 Volt Operation
Dual 2.1 Amp USB plugs
Internal Fridge Lights
Low Voltage Battery Protection
Temperature Range from -18°C to +10°C
Free Cover Included
Wi-Fi Enabled (up to 25 Metres)

Item Scale

The below diagram is designed to give you an idea of how large this item is in relation to an average size adult man.

Item Dimensions

Width: 47.5cm
Length: 80.5cm
Height: 51.4cm
Person Size


Warranty & Support

KickAss fridges come with a fully comprehensive 5 year warranty which covers everything - the compressor and all other parts of the Fridge.

The warranty for KickAss fridges is provided by Evakool. In the unlikely event of a fridge failure please call EvaKool service all support and warranty assistance on 07 54927777.

Evakool also have service agents Australia wide to back up your comprehensive warranty on everything.
Click on your state below to view the service agents in your area:

New South Wales & ACT
South Australia
Western Australia
Northern Territory


Product Documents

KickAss Fridge Manual

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